Review SPERAS T3R - 21700 - 1095m.

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Dec 3, 2012
SPERAS T3R was sent to me directly by SPERAS for review.
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- Beam Distance: 1095m
- Brightness: 1600lm maximum output.
- Modes: 6 (High, Medium, Low, Eco, Strobe, SOS)
- Type C charging and functionality to use as a power bank to charge various electronic devices.
- Noiseless Switches: Multifunctional tail button & side button to change brightness levels.
- Memory mode function: Memory mode can be activated and de-activated.
- Eco mode: 20lm ideal for a reading with a maximum runtime of 92h.
- Optional remote pressure switch for hunters.
- Smart temperature control system.
- Battery level indicator
- Over discharge protection that automatically downshifts the brightness when the battery is low.
- Reverse polarity protection
- High-strength aerospace aluminum body, produced by CNC precision machining premium type III; Hard anodized anti-abrasive finish for extreme durability

LED: Customized Luminus LED
Max Lumen: 1600lm
Max Beam Distance (m): 1095 m
Max Beam Distance (ft): 3592.52 ft
Max Intensity: 300,000cd
Net Weight: 308g/10.86oz(battery included)
Dimension: 175.7mm(L) , 63.6mm(Head), 26mm(Tube)/6.92"*2.5"*1.02"(Inch)
Waterproof: IPX8
Mode Operate: Side Switch + Tail Switch
Charge Type: By Type C Charge Port on Flashlight
Competible Battery: 1 pce 21700 battery
Operate Voltage: DC3V--4.2V
Reflector: Smooth Reflector
Lens: Hardened Ultra-Clear Glass with abrasion resistant AR Coating

The product is provided with a Limited Lifetime ³Warranty.
The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, modifications, misuse, disintegrations,
negligence, accidents, improper maintenance or repairs done by anyone other than an authorized retailer or SPERAS itself.


SPERAS T3R comes in a premium rigid cardboard and foam package, with the glass protected by a transparent film, inside the holster. The main characteristics that distinguish it are indicated on the box.


In the package, in addition to the SPERAS T3R, we find the 5000mAh battery in 21700 format (inside), OTG connector, the holster, the USB-C charging cable, lanyard, 2x spare O-ring and the manual (in English).



The Holster, which we find in the sales package, is in cordura, with a plastic D-ring and tear-off closure and opening.


SPERAS, founded in Shenzhen, is a high-tech company that manufactures premium portable lighting equipment to ensure customers receive the best lights on the market at an affordable price. The SPERAS professional flashlights are suitable for many applications such as military, police, law enforcement and rescuers, but also hunters, outdoor enthusiasts etc. and meet ANSI standards in terms of waterproofing and impact resistance.

SPERAS T3R is a high performance flashlight with a long range (over 1 km) ideal for professional hunters, for search and rescue, outdoors etc.


T3R has good build quality with excellent finishes and good thicknesses (308 g. Battery included), it is compact and grips well (175.7 mm) with clearly legible writing.


Excellent semi-gloss anodizing; it is made up of 2 parts: head with body and tail and has 2 switches, one on the side and one on the tail. The body and tail have no knurling but vertical grooves like the previous TH1 while due to the rounded shape of the head it is easy for the T3R to roll. It is possible to use T3R as a power bank to charge various electronic devices via the OTG cable included in the package. SPERAS T3R has a maximum run time of 92 hours and is IPX-8 certified (2 meters submersible).



On the head of the SPERAS T3R we find a smooth projector with in the center, well centered, a Luminus dedomed LED customized by SPERAS (from the shape it looks like an SFT-40-WxS: is external) ). The ultra clear glass has an abrasion resistant AR coating.
The maximum power reached by SPERAS T3R with this LED is 1600 lumens with a considerable distance reached by the beam which is, according to the specifications of SPERAS, of 1095 meters with 300,000cd.


At the bottom of the head we find the side switch and on the opposite side the USB-C charging port. In the center on both sides there are instead of the cooling fins.


The rubber side switch has a notification LED in the center and is slightly raised, but with gloves it can be a little tricky to find in the dark. The click is little noisy, almost silent.
Turn on the flashlight, the LED indicator on the side button will automatically monitor the power.
A) Battery capacity≥70%, green LED
B) Battery capacity < 70%, orange LED
C) Battery capacity < 30%, red LED
D) Battery capacity ≤10%, the red LED will keep flashing to indicate the battery is almost empty.


The USB-C charging port is protected by a fairly thick rubber flap.


T3R supports 5V / 2A charging, during charging the LED indicator will be red while when charging is complete the indicator will be green. While charging, the flashlight can only be used in ECO mode. For a full charge it took me about 5 hours (1.9A max).

T3R supports 2A discharge current. It is possible to charge other devices by inserting the OTG connector (supplied) into the type C charging port of the flashlight and connecting a USB cable to use as a power bank.

The threads on the tube of the T3R arrive well lubricated. There is a sealing O-ring for protection against water and dust. SPERAS T3R is IPX-8 certified (2 meters submersible).


At the two poles, for contact with the battery, we find a fairly thick spring in the negative and a spring in the positive. SPERAS T3R has reverse polarity protection.

The rechargeable battery supplied with the SPERAS T3R is a 5000mAh protected Li-ion 21700 with integrated overload and discharge protection circuit. It is possible to power the T3R using other non-proprietary batteries in 21700 format.

Features of the SPERAS 21700 S50:
Type: S50
Capacity: 5000mAh
Voltage: 3.6V
Charging current: 1A (recommended), 2A (maximum)
Cell: LG
Current: 9.8A; 15A (maximum)
Weight: 72.8g
Length: 75 mm
Diameter: 21.4mm
Warranty: 1 year

At the rear we find the rear metal switch and two slots where to insert the lanyard supplied with the T3R.
The tail switch also has a quiet click. By unscrewing the tail cap by ½ turn, it is possible to exclude the switch on the tail cap but not the side one.


SPERAS T3R next to other torches.



The user interface of the SPERAS T3R is not complicated. T3R has a side switch and a tail switch and has 4 normal levels and 2 special levels (Strobe / SOS). T3R has memory on 4 main levels: Eco, Low, Medium and High and electronic lock. The four normal levels are well spaced allowing you to have the necessary light for the type of use.

High: 1600lm - 2.1H - 300,000cd
Medium: 600lm - 3.75H - 109,250cd
Low: 120lm - 17.5H - 19500cd
Eco: 20lm - 92H - 4,350cd
Strobe: 1600lm
SOS: 120lm

Let's see two schemes that summarize the UI.



Quick ECO function
Press and hold the side switch to go directly to ECO mode.
Memory mode function
The memory mode function can be turned on or off. In any state, the memory mode function is enabled or disabled by pressing the side button for 10 seconds. The green indicator on the side button will flash 5 times to indicate that the memory mode function is activated. In red, the indicator on the side button will flash 5 times to indicate that the memory mode function is disabled.
Lock and unlock function
Lock: Press both buttons (side button + tail button) for 2 seconds. The LED will blink twice to indicate the flashlight is locked. In this state the flashlight does not work.
In the locked state the orange LED indicator in the center of the side button will flash five times to indicate that the flashlight is locked.
Unlock: Use one of the following methods to unlock the flashlight:
A - Quickly click the side button three times;
B - Click the queue button three times quickly;
The main LED will flash twice to indicate that the flashlight is ready to be turned on.


The beam of the SPERAS T3R has a beautiful color, with a good uniformity of the beam without particular aberrations, not too cold. With the test on the wall, you only notice some rings around the hotspot which, however, do not affect the normal night lighting.

In the measurements made with the OPPLE Light Master, the average value of Ra or CRI is about 66 and the color temperature is about 6100K. The beam is concentrated with a bright hotspot and a low angle but bright spill. I have not noticed PWM in any level. The lighting distance from the feet is over one meter, which is normal for the type of projector.

Excellent shooting and the distance reached by the beam, close to the specifications of the parent company. In my measurements I reached 285,000cd (1,068 meters).


In the photo below the illuminated house is at a distance of 446 meters as the crow flies.


The Runtimes were done internally with the supplied battery (SPERAS 21700 5000mAh) fully charged by measuring, with the Luxmeter LX1330B at a distance of 3 meters with a temperature of about 27 °C, the cd obtained until the battery runs out.

Note: I would like to clarify that the values expressed by the graphs must be taken, above all, as a reference because they are made with means and environmental conditions different from those used in the laboratory.

During runtime, in High mode, I took two temperatures with a flir thermal imaging camera; the first after 3 minutes and the second after 20 minutes. No burning of hands to hold SPERAS T3R in hand without gloves.


The first test was done by putting the SPERAS T3R in High mode at 1600 lumens. The runtime times specified by the parent company have been reached and exceeded. SPERAS T3R is well regulated with an active temperature control system.
After almost 2 minutes, from switching on, there is a sudden decrease in brightness and then for two minutes a fluctuating trend due to the thermal regulation of the T3R. After the curve it stabilizes with a constant output up to over 135 minutes from start-up where there is a decrease in brightness to the Medium level and then, after almost 4 minutes, another decrease to the Low level. After about 50 minutes, the brightness drops again to the 20 lumens ECO level where it remains for a long time, before turning off after more than 11 hours, without leaving the user in the dark.
When the battery is running low, the notification LED flashes red to warn the user. At the end of the test the battery showed 2.65V (perhaps a little too low).

Another test was made by putting SPERAS T3R in Medium mode at 600 lumens.
After the start, the trend is constant up to minute 175 where there is a sudden drop that brings the brightness to the Low level and then, 258 minutes after starting, to the ECO level. Speras T3R died 13 hours after the start of the test.


The High and Medium curves side by side.



is a flashlight with a long range (over 1 km) ideal for hunting, for search and rescue and all those situations where it is necessary to illuminate at long distance. T3R is well built, like the most well-known brands, and comes in a beautiful complete package for immediate use. I liked the well spaced levels, the quality and the color of the ray that comes to illuminate really far away.
Good user interface with the two switches and the possibility of using SPERAS T3R as a power bank.
The regulation according to the operating temperature is a bit "aggressive".
Recommended. Thank you for reading the review.
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