[Review] - Wurkkos TS11: The Pocket-Sized EDC Flashlight Thrower - by Lock


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Jan 10, 2017
Are you on the hunt for an affordable, pocket-sized thrower flashlight with the versatility of Anduril firmware and eye-catching auxiliary LEDs? Look no further than the Wurkkos TS11! In this review, we'll delve into the features, performance, and overall experience of the Wurkkos TS11 flashlight.




Unboxing and Contents

Let's start with what you'll find inside the box when you get your hands on the Wurkkos TS11:
  1. 18350 Li-ion battery with 1100 mAh (3.93 V at delivery, button-top)
  2. USB-C charging cable
  3. Lanyard
  4. 2x replacement o-rings
  5. Manual (available in English, German, and Chinese)
The packaging itself is noteworthy, featuring a sleek design with a magnetic lid and a protective foam insert. While the included manual serves as a quick start guide, it's advisable to refer to the official manual for in-depth information about the Anduril firmware.





Design and Build
The TS11 boasts a compact design with dimensions as follows:
  • Length: 90 mm
  • Head diameter: 40 mm
  • Weight: 90 g (flashlight) + 22 g (battery)
Available in both black and orange variants, the flashlight's aesthetics are clean and minimalist, with a series of rings and no knurling. On the opposite end of the switch, you'll find a convenient USB-C charging port. Charging takes around 2 hours, with a charging current of approximately 1 A. During charging, a red LED indicator in the switch lights up, changing to green upon completion.



One notable feature is the silicone cover protecting the USB port. It's well-designed, sits flush, and ensures protection against water and dirt. The flashlight's tailcap includes a hole for attaching a lanyard, although its placement prevents tailstanding when a lanyard is attached.
Without a lanyard, the TS11 may tend to roll on flat surfaces due to the absence of a clip and tail design for such purposes. However, the overall machining and design are commendable, with an IPX8 rating, ensuring resistance to submersion up to 2 meters and drops from a height of 1 meter.





The battery tube, designed symmetrically, includes trapezoidal threads with a single o-ring on both ends. This design allows compatibility with both button-top and flat-top 18350 batteries. Additionally, the TS11's battery tube is compatible with the FC11 and FC12 tubes, allowing for the use of 18650 batteries.

User Interface and Features

The TS11 features a generously-sized silicone side switch that proves responsive, easy to locate, and comfortable to operate. Located behind the switch and TIR optic are RGB auxiliary LEDs, which function in tandem with the switch. These LEDs provide a low level, perfect for discreet use in the dark, as well as a high level with increased brightness.


One of the standout features of the Wurkkos TS11 is the inclusion of Anduril 2 firmware. Anduril is well-known among flashlight enthusiasts for its versatile functionality. To explore its capabilities fully, users can refer to the official Anduril manual or other resources available online. The firmware can also be updated, and a guide for doing so is readily available.


The TS11 utilizes a Luminus SFT-40 LED with a color temperature of about 6000 K, low CRI (Color Rendering Index), and a small, slightly rounded area. This LED, known for its suitability in thrower flashlights, is the same one used in the Sofirn IF22A.

The TS11 also shares the same TIR optic as the IF22A, theoretically resulting in a similar beam pattern. However, there are subtle differences. The TS11's spot is slightly smaller, but its spill is more focused and a touch brighter. In contrast, the Noctigon KR1 produces a very even spill with a distinct hard cutoff.





The TS11 features a driver that combines a FET+1 design with PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) regulation for brightness control. The flashlight draws 350 mA from a linear regulator before transitioning to direct-drive via a FET. Anduril ensures that the PWM frequency is high enough to be imperceptible to the human eye.





The Wurkkos TS11 emerges as an impressive and compact pocket thrower flashlight, holding its own against larger competitors like the Sofirn IF22A in terms of range and brightness. The inclusion of Anduril firmware enhances its versatility, though its complexity may be daunting for some users.