Reylight lights ? The Dawn ?


May 19, 2009
Came across an advertisement the other day for a Reylight Dawn 18350 triple emitter. The light looked good,real good. Like I kinda want one. But how do they rank in the quality department compared to Surefire, Streamlight, Olight. Those are what I currently have. I read the recent thread about being tied up with Maratac but not much more than that. Thanks
Sep 16, 2020
I’ve owned a titanium 18650 Dawn and the build quality is excellent. I like the clip so much, I ordered extras to mount to other lights 😂. To compare it with Surefire and Streamlight would be a bit like apples to oranges. Reylight is IMO superior to Olight because Rey designs his lights for enthusiasts with high CRI emitters good UI, and non-proprietary batteries. Reylight are on par with Emisar lights, just with simpler UI and slightly fancier offerings in materials.


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May 10, 2007
I have the Vosteed/Reylight Rook, which should be very similar to the 18350 Dawn, except it's body is designed after a rook chess piece. I absolutely love it and would highly recommend it and the Dawn.

cave dave

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Aug 15, 2001
I think they are made by Lumintop and quality is similar. UI and LEDs are better though.


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Mar 31, 2015
short answer:
The Reylight Copper Tool was made by Lumintop

newer Reylight models are made by Wuben:

Rey light Quality and Support are excellent


the longer version:
Reylights are very well made.

At the end of 2015 he contracted with Lumintop for a minimum factory order of 500 units of the Reylight Copper Tool AAA. It was very successful and was followed by a Ti Tool AAA.

in this pic you can read part of the Reylight inscription on my Copper Tool AAA:

The Reylight Copper Tool design features, that had not been offered by Lumintop before, were
1. Low mode of 1 lumen, always starts on low, then medium, then high, no last mode memory. At the time the Lumintop Tools started on Medium, not Low.

2. Copper host was Rey's idea, at the time Lumintop only made the Tool AAA in aluminium.

3. Nichia 219b 4000K, a first for a Lumintop built light.

Rey is very savvy about what flashaholics like. He was active on the forums and sought input and feedback about features, before he released the High CRI Reylight Copper Tool AAA with LMH mode sequence and no memory.

For the LAN and Pineapple, Rey used Wuben manufacturing, which I believe is still true today, also for his Dawn.

I have modded a Reylight Ti Lan, and was very impressed by the build quality, fit and finish.

Imo, Reylights are very well made and the designs are very well thought out. He caters to people who appreciate High CRI Nichia LEDs, fancy metals (Copper and Titanium), and Tritium slots, such as on the Dawn.

The Dawn also incorporates a screwed on pocket clip, a better design feature than the press fit clips that Lumintop uses on the Tool AAA.

If you like the Reylight UI, the choice of LED, the size, weight, and aesthetic appearance of one of his lights, I have no hesitation in recommending Reylight build quality and design features. Customer support is also excellent.
Oct 26, 2009
Columbus, Ohio
I owned two of the older 18650/18350 Reylights, one in stonewashed titanium, the second a gorgeous copper model. They were very well made, and the emitter color was flawless. I wouldn't hesitate to buy any of his lights. You won't be disappointed.

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