RovyVon A8 EDC Torch Review


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Jun 2, 2013
Melbourne, Australia
I reached out to RovyVon and they kindly sent the RovyVon A8 for review.

It is the 4th generation of the A8 keychain light.

The main improvements are:
- Metal button.
- Magnet in the pocket clip.
- Magnetic tail base attachment.

I've known about RovyVon for a while but I didn't pull the trigger and buy one a few years ago because their torches didn't have much USB-C charging at the time. These days their torches have USB-C charging.

This particular A8 has a Nichia 219C 5000K 90 CRI primary emitter and three side emitters: 365nm UVC, 625nm Red and 4000K Warm White (60-70 CRI).

The RovyVon A8 has replaced an Olight i1R 2 Pro as my keychain light. The aluminium is wearing away on the i1R 2 Pro. I'll see how the polycarbonate body of the A8 holds up over time.

Here is my written review:

Here is my video review:


Newly Enlightened
Dec 29, 2023
San Jose CA
I have a previous version of the A8 with the rubber switch. It is my ultimate small pocket flashlight, as was a previous Rovyvon before that. My only complaint on my A8 is that I often miss that little rubber switch -- that metal switch looks bigger, perhaps easier to hit in the dark. Otherwise, I use both sidelights and front LED often, UI is fine after you get it, performance is great. Mine doesn't have the clip magnet which is a nice touch too