Saddleback Leather Owners


Newly Enlightened
May 28, 2016
I have several pieces of Saddleback , the largest is the large gadget bag. I also have several large pieces of maxpedition stuff. I also have a 2002 Land cruiser. If I were actually going to leave out to run from the zombies...I would take about 2 pieces of maxpedition and that would be it. I know where I would go to hide out and I know the maxpedition bags would make it there, without the bag itself adding a lot of weight for me to carry. My Saddleback gadget bag is a camera and other doodads bag for when I am going somewhere with the wife or other wise dont want to be asked if I am soldier. A saddleback will definitely take a beating and as long as you have a horse, or something else to lug it around for you... the weight of the bag doesnt matter. If you dont want to look like your carrying a purse... get a saddleback. Having said that their prices have just gone stupid through the roof. Unless I can find a good deal on ebay or they have a really good will be a minute before I get any more of it. But, if you have the money...I'd definitely say its worth it. Also most of the wallets are a bit thick. The biggest ones probably do better as jacket wallet. I have 2 of the front pocket wallet/id carriers and use the tobacco one every day