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Mar 6, 2016
New headlamp from Skilhunt (I would like thank them for review example)

H03 and H02 have the same 2 models (TIR and reflector) but manufacturer decided to make a compromise option for extra 5-6$ and issued H03F with light diffusor leaf (I hope "leaf" is a proper English word for this)


Main Features:

● Compact, powerful and intelligent headlamp, doubles as handy flashlight
H03 (TIR lens), H03R (reflector), H03F (adjustable)
CREE XM-L2 U4 LED, cool white light and neutral white light are available
● Max output: 1200 LED Lumens / ANSI 1000 Lumens
● Sub-level mode group, turbo - high - mid - low - strobe - beacon 1 - beacon 2
● Low voltage indication
When the battery voltage drops down lower than 3.3V, indicator flashes twice every 2s; lower than 3V, indicator flashes 3 times every second
● Location indicator and lock-out function
● Rugged aluminum body with anti-scratching Type III hard anodization
● Wide input range provides more choices of batteries
● Dual recoil absorbing springs, better impact resistance
● New intelligent temperature control technology for your stable and safe use
● Integrated heat dissipation design / magnetic tail cap / quick release clip / memory function / reverse polarity protection / tail stand

Package and outlooking

Package is almost the same as it was with H02.
It includes H03F, Headband, clip, lanyard, magnet replace rubber pad, Operator's manual, Warranty card, Spare O-ring

There is no battery included.

H03F is 1cm shorter then it`s predecessor and it`s weight is 14g less. Lanyard hole now locates at head near cooling ribs instead of tail like it was with H02.


These ribs are deep, which is goof for product size.


Knurling is not that deep, but greep is good. Anyway, that is a HEADlamp, and in this case knurling is not that important.
Thread is well greased.

H03F has spings at both tail and head.


Under tail spring hides strong magnet which can be replaced with plastic cap.

There is OP reflector which also can be covered with diffusor. Last one has a small ledge for to keep it closed or opened. Time will show how long it will take to erase this ledge, but now it works well.







To show you how diffusor keeps open-close positions, there is a small video. Even it is in Russian, everyone will understand -)

There is cold white XML2-U4 which is the brightest bin for this LED.

Soldering is accurate and looks like there is enough thermal paste put.


I like clip, because it has reasonable tension. It keeps firmly on headlamp yet allows to be taken it off and on without scratching anodizing. And that happened too often with other lights, even with expensive ones.
I have only positive impression about build quality. Everything is it should be.

Button is soft, clicky.


Nothing difficult, to be frank. Operation:
On / Off
When the flashlight is OFF
● Press side switch to access to memorized brightness level
When the flashlight is ON
● Press and hold the side switch for 0.5s to turn it off
Mode selection
● Press and hold the side switch for 0.5s to access to Low
● Quickly double press side switch to access to Turbo
● Quickly triple press side switch to access to Strobe
● Press side switch to cycle through Low - Mid - High - Turbo
● Quickly double press side switch to Sub-level (i.e between L1 and L2)
● Quickly triple press the side switch to access to Strobe, then double click to switch from three special modes, press side switch back to previous brightness level

Button also work as indicator

When the battery voltage drop down lower than 3.3V, indicator flash twice every 2 seconds. Battery voltage drop down to lower than 3V, indicator flash 3 times every second.

Location indicator & Lock-out function:

When turn off the flashlight, press switch 1.5 seconds, location indicator switch on and lock-out function activation at the same time, Press button onl can switch the indicator on/off.
The indicator light flash every second, locate the flashlight, easy find the flashlight in the dark quickly. Hold press the switch 1.5 seconds, switch button unlock and enter into low mode.


I always welcome lock-out function, but in H03F case I think that activation with 1.5sec pressing is not cool. Look, you put H03F in backpack or bag , then lean to wall and something inside backpack accidently keeps and keeps button pressed. Light turns on and by the time you open backpack – battery is down. I suppose quickly pressing button for 5 times is ok to activate and believe that there is no situation when something can accidently press button quickly for such a lot of times. But 1.5 sec pressing to lock-out is good idea. Quickly and simple.

I checked LED datasheet and looks like stated brightness is real.

H03 drowns battery to 2.78-2.79v. I think that is usual 2.8v and my cheap multimeter lies little bit.

Leaf is thick, almost 3.5mm and due to this light also come from it`s sides. Nevertheless this parasitic light doesn`t reach eyes.

And here is H02R





I didn`t see any PWM shimmering.

There is thermal stepdown. After LED(not body) reaches 70 celsium T1 falls to T2 (490 lum)

There is part at the end of video where you can see how stepdown works (after about 1min 45 sec and
How long did H03F worked powered with 2500mah LG He4)

There is ONLY ONE way to wear headlamp which is unacceptable for using. If you put it with button looking up and took off diffusor, it will hand right exactly above your right eye and pisses you off

Overall I have positive impression.
Submodes and UI are simle an useful (though I have a notice about activation from lock-on)
H03F works with protection board batteries (my H02R doesn`t)
And diffusor leaf is useful, though time will show how long it will last.
I `m sure Skilhunt`s engineers made a great job with that headlamp and want to thank them if they somehow read it.
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Mar 6, 2016
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