So glad I had my Solarforce


Newly Enlightened
Apr 20, 2010
As some of you may know it's a blizzard here in Alberta, Canada. So much so, that I had to shovel my whole driveway (about 1/4km long) 3 times today, once half an hour before I was going to work. Unfortunately that was not enough. I got stuck.

I work security at a local college where we are required to be here full staffed 24/7, there was very little hope for a replacement to come in. Thankfully several years ago I bought some fold-out metal pads for exactly this purpose. They worked very well, and I had to use them several times tonight. Unfortunately when you use them they tend to get buried in the snow and are very difficult to find.

Thankfully I had my Solarforce L2M w/XP-G dropin. Perfect beam for the job of hunting them down. So after getting stuck numerous times I finally got myself out. I'm required to carry a light for work, but this definitely made me glad I got such a good light (and one of the numerous times I've been able to justify to the lady spending money on flashlights)