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Sold/Expired Sold: McGizmo Haiku, souped up by Milky Spit


Nov 6, 2000
McKinney, Texas
Here are the specs:

Scott (Milkyspit) worked his magic with my McGizmo Haiku XP-G. Here's what he did:

-Cool white R5 bin XP-G that seems to sit at a nice midpoint in color temp, neither too cool nor too warm.

-Acorn 1.08 driver that delivers a top-end 1.08A to the emitter.

-Custom-fabricated thick aluminum heatsink.

-Custom-fitted McR16ms reflector.

-White matting around the emitter itself for aesthetics and electrical isolation from the reflector.

-Faux brass LE can with delrin insert and copper positive contact.

-Mild (and removable) diffusion film over the lens to blend the hotspot into the spill a little more smoothly.

-Custom 'C-Grnamin' firmware, based on the 'Califon' firmware but featuring 0.25s control window for fewer inadvertent level changes plus a fourth high-only user interface, and a nine-blink gesture that immediately jumps to the high-only UI.

More on this last aspect: if you blink the light 9x times, then click it on, you'll lock the light into the high-only user interface. I chose 9x blinks because it's the same number of blinks as in one iteration of SOS (dot-dot-dot-dash-dash-dash-dot-dot-dot-dot = 9x blinks) so easy to remember. After blinking the light 9x times via momentary, the 10th action is to turn the light all the way on... that will warp you directly to the high-only user interface. To get back to normal functionality, do the usual 20x blinks to move to the next user interface. You can also access the high-only UI via the same 20x blinks. The light has, in this order, MemoryUI, TacticalUI, TheaterUI, and HighOnlyUI.

The firmware delivers four levels of brightness, with the top three levels close to your requested levels though adjusted to better visual spacing: 0.25 lumen; 11 lumens; 105 lumens; 379 lumens. These are estimated at the emitter, so take away 20% or so to account for losses in the reflector and lens.




I sandblasted and heat-colored it. Lanyard included (hole is a mod by me).

Asking price: $375 shipped via priority mail to your doorstep. I can quote international shipping rates.

Paypal accepted. :)

Now sold! Thank you!