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Sold/Expired SOLD McGizmo Mule Cx2 "custom driver" SOLD


Aug 23, 2004
sanfran by way of boston

Hello All
Its time to Thin the Herd a bit and now that the holidays are over I finally have the time to get to the post office.

McGizmo Mule Cx2 "custom driver" Hello All. This will be a regrettable sale but someone will be very happy soon!. The light spent most of its life in one of my bags in my car and always helped me fine the little things I drop between the seats. To my knowledge there are about 6 or so Mule Cx2's on the open market, another that Don Mc. Has and then this one. This one is a bit special as I had a customer Downboy (DBx2)driver made for this light. It runs at 125ma on low and 665ma on high. It provided me with a great amount of light on low due to the MID-LEVEL drive with a never ending run time (ok of course it ends but I've never run through a set of batteries) and a Higher high beam as well. What ever Cree Don uses at the current and prior time is whats in there. This one will be shipped USPS INSURED at an inclusive price of SOLD



The Fine Print:
-All prices are including USPS shipping and handling fees
-Insured items are indicated as such.
- CON. US Shipping ONLY
-PayPal preferred and no Charge to you
-I check PM's at a minimum in the AM and PM Pacific time.
-No trades at this time.
-Reasonable PM offers may be considered for some items
-I accept Posted or PM "I"LL TAKE IT" for those that prefer privacy
-Certain items will be posted on other forums, time stamps will rule.

Thanks all and Happy New Year
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