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SS Krytox 50/50 = AWESOME!!


b0rk, b0rk, b0rk
Mar 12, 2003
I just had to drop some happiness in here after using this stuff. Ordered it a couple of days ago and received it yesterday. I got it primarily to use on my HD45 since I wasn't happy with the twist action in stock form (bought used so not sure what was on the threads) or using NyoGel 759G. Now that I've cleaned and re-lubed the threads with the Shoppe's custom blend, I LOVE my HD45! I can't believe the difference it made.

I'll definitely be getting more of "the blend". :D

Disclaimer: I'm not saying NyoGel 759G is bad stuff. No way! It works flawlessly on my SF, Fenix, Arc, and other lights. For some reason...it just didn't cut it on the HD45.

- Chris