"Stealth" Mag Upgrade

Biker Bear

Sep 9, 2006
The Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Sprawl
I've been thinking about this for a while now, and I'm throwing this out to those here who know a lot more about this than I do.

I recently had the idea to modify a standard Maglite flashlight such that it's not obviously modified - but has had its performance substantially upgraded. If someone looked closely into the business end (with it off) they might notice a difference, but other than that - until it's turned on, most people wouldn't pick up on it being anything unusual.

Here's my criteria:
  • Single emitter, to look as unaltered as possible. Perhaps one of those new Cree XR-E emitters?
  • Maintain full focusability, going from flood to throw. (If a LuxIII is used, they make a side-emitting version that would help; if the Cree XR-E is used, perhaps some kind of optic over the emitter that does the same job.)
  • A stochastic/textured reflector for a really smooth beam, whether spot or flood. (This would probably be the most noticeable change.)
  • The 3D Mag would be the largest base unit I'd want to deal with; preferably the 2D or perhaps 3C.
  • Uses a really cool driver circuit for full regulation, multiple brightness levels, etc.
  • Battery Omnivore. It should be able to run on a set of alkalines appropriate to the model, and with appropriate spacers and such, a collection of NiMH rechargables (possibly more shorter cells [e.g. 3 1/2D's instead of 2D], to pump up the voltage), Lithium Ion rechargeables as well as CR123A primaries. Heck, maybe even one of those AA battery carriers! This amount of versatility would require the driver to accept input voltages from about 2.5v up to 9v., depending on what set of batteries was in the unit at any given time.
  • A proper heat-sink on the emitter to allow it to run hard without losing brightness.
So - am I insane, or is something like this doable? I realize it'll be a while before we have any real-world experience with the new Cree LED, but what's come out so far suggest it would be a good choice for something like this. Are there any important considerations I've left out?


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Oct 31, 2002
there are quite uncountable of these mods that have been presented here
- usual problem is how to switch the output levels

high dome gives better results as SE / low dome


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May 9, 2005
control over focus from spot to flood may not be possible with some of the mods here...

unless you want to go the mag's LED upgrade bulb thingy.

or you want to go the hotlip way.

with the hotlip, you can run the luxeon at full spec without really caring for it :p

you can install a driver somewhere to keep the light output regulated.

go to the b/s/t custom to see if they sell some already modded lights.