Surge and Rage


Jan 17, 2005
Graham, WA
A couple of weeks ago I asked on this forum about recommending the Princeton Tec Surge and got quite a bit of positive feedback about the flashlight.

I went ahead and bought 2 PT Surge's and 4 PT Rage lights also.

I compared the Surge to my strongest light--My Craftsman Ultrabeam Lantern ($40 at Sears) The Ultrabeam is brighter than the Surge but it's also about 5 times as big and I only get about an hour of use out of the Ultrabeam before it's time to recharge. The Surge was much brighter than all the 2D, 4D, or 4AA flashlights that I had in the house. Very impressed with it's power given how small it is.

The Rage is almost more impressive given the fact that it's even smaller than a mini mag and only cost $13 each with shipping. It's not as bright as the Surge, however, it was brighter than every other cheap flashlight that I have including a 4D lantern.

One strange thing I can't figure out...

There seems to be something very very small rattling around in the bulb assembly on all 6 of these flashlights. I assume it's normal since all of them do it. I was just wondering what it could be?

Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone here for the good advice on these flashlights.


Farewell our Curmudgeon Administrator
Apr 14, 2002
Granbury, Tx USA
That is a platium pellet used to take out any explosive gasses that might be generated by the batteries! Do not remove this pellet!

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