Tactical or Practical, which do you use most


Flashlight Enthusiast
Oct 1, 2007
Sunraysia, Australia
i tried the one light for all. I'm a residential electrician. Blasting a switch box with 300+ lumens and trying to decipher anything but immediate blinding reflection caused me to drop a more practical light into the tool belt.
Multimode lights provide the greatest flexibility against "lumen bounce" and find I use low output at work as much if not more than maximum 😉

I also embraced the headlamp to do 90% of job oriented tasks, especially in attics, crawl spaces etc. I don't think some people don't realize how often electricians are in the dark. I need to get a rechargeable one because I consume a size-able amount of AAA batteries in a year.
Therin lies the problem, AAA cells have around half the capacity of AA cells but at the end of the day it needs to be light (pun intended) to be comfortable, my only headlamp uses 2 x 18650s and has noticeable bulk, I'm not sure I'd fancy wearing it for extended periods 🤣