the 2020\2021 summer games!


*the raggedier*
Aug 11, 2003
o i love this so much i seldem smile but im smiling now go team usa. or any underdog country


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Oct 17, 2009
In the middle of Europe
I am quite sure in the history books the summer games 2020 will be named "The Corona super spreader games". In Japen less than 20% are vaccinated. The "safety bubble" of the athletes is not working. There were a lot positive tested people in the last days in this bubble, and the games have just been started.

Actually the rising infection numbers due to delta and the returning athletes back to their countries will result in a super spreader event.

The olymic games 2020 are the best example that the IOC is an extremly greedy club...

Actually the best would have been cancel the olymic summer games 2020....


Aug 9, 2015
John 3:16
I was listening to pundits discussing the gal who stepped down from the gymnastics team during competition and since I did not know much about the situation or the athelete whose name I'm purposely not using now I really didn't know what to think about it.

But then I heard a radio talk show host who I would have ordinarily expected to berate the athelete for a solid hour actually take the opposite approach and did a very good job of explaining why she stepped down.

It seems this gymnist is sort of a Wilt Chamberlin of gymnastics and the judges expect a higher performance than most others. Almost as if Wilt received 2 points for nailing shots from behind the 3 point line and only given 3 points when landing a shot from half court.

Ole Wilt just needed a mental vacation. It was apparently a situation where the team around ole Wilt would probably score more points without him out on the court for a few nights. So even though the timing was bad, the explanation worse the team would be better off if Wilt voluntarily stepped aside.
Will any of this matter in 2024? I dunno. But I was sure glad to hear somebody discuss what took place from perspective of an athelete who is expected to perform at 2x the ability of everybody else and was at a point where they just weren't dialed in and able to perform at that level.