Three years later, still looking for the perfect walking light - maybe TIR Optics?


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Apr 15, 2001
I'm still looking for a perfect walking light, one that is not a 100% flood but one that has a wide hotspot with gradual spill off like you do not feel like you are walking in a tunnel. From research, it seems like a TIR optics type of light might be best. One light I have that I think has the beam profile I'm looking for is my Nitecore Tini2 but of course not suited as a walking light. To that extent I was investigate the Nitecore EDC27 even though the max light output is overkill. The beam profile seems pretty decent but too big of a jump between 200 and 1000 lumen steps. If they had a 400-500 lumen step in-between, I think that would make the light more desirable.

Maybe Olight Arkfield (don't need the green beam) or Acebeam E70 mini?

The light I mostly use for that now actually is a Sofirn SP32A which is far from perfect but I love the ramping function (too bad the Nitecore EDC27) didn't have a ramping function). Are there newer Sofirn lights with wider beam TIR optics?

Thanks for any thoughts.

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