True Soft Shite Gu10 LED high lumen - do they actually exist?


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Feb 25, 2022
Hey all,

I'm having some trouble replacing some Gu10 LED bulbs in my house. The ones I have are (I believe) 35w equivalent LEDs in a soft white, and I'm trying to get some brighter ones, like 50w equivalent, but still in a soft white. I ordered some from amazon, and when they arrived, the box confirmed soft white, but putting them in the fixture, they were clearly daylight white. Some where also damaged in the box, so I'm sending them back. But looking at alternative options, I'm being more cautious, and reading more reviews/comments, and everyone is saying, across various product options "they're great and bright, but not actually soft white". It almost seems like you can't actually get a bright Gu10 in true soft white, almost like getting brighter ones automatically means they'll be daylight, despite specs? The ones I tried were specced as 3000k. I tried searching 2700k specifically, but the results seemed sketchy.

The issue is that we have lots of daylight from windows, so we only use our lights at night, and I don't want blue light in the house at that time, just nice soft yellow light. The only fixture that uses Gu10 is in the kitchen, and I know I really should be using daylight bulbs for that kind of work area, but it's an open concept space, shared by two other sets of A19 fixtures (living room, dining room) which all have good, bright, A19 true soft yellow/white bulbs. So having daylight white in the kitchen area creates an uncomfortable 'clash' of light colour when all the lights are on in the evenings. I also tend to leave the kitchen lights on the longest as the kitchen tends to be the last place we tidy up and square away before bed, so yellow light is preferred all round.

I'm wondering if anyone has any comments on this? Am I on a fools errand? Or am I just looking at crappy products and maybe someone has a recommendation of a specific brand that will suit the situation better?

If I can't find a good product, I'll probably change tact and instead just look for a suitable A19 fixture for the kitchen, the one in place isn't that great anyways.

Thanks in advance for any knowledge or recommendations anyone can share :)


Nov 3, 2009
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You may need to start comparing actual LED power/luminance for what you have now with what you're looking for. Vendors seem to have some range of luminance for a given "35W" or "50W" equivalent. One halogen "35W" indicates 430 lumens, as reference point.

If you're up to a store visit (and near one), Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Ikea and others have in-store displays which can likely demo what you want; some have dimmers.

Quick check of Home Hardware shows 5.5W/400 lumen MR16 GU10 2700K in a 3-pack for $16 which is not unreasonable. Ikea shows 4.5W/380 lumen and 7.5W/600 lumen 2700K lamps. Lots of good brands and options out there.

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Dec 25, 2003
GU10 is just the base. Are you looking for MR16 lamps with a GU10 base?

Check Soraa - they have them - 90+ CRI, and 2700K. Not inexpensive though. Satco also has 2700K MR16 LED lamps, though they may not have anything other than 80 CRI - not sure.