TwoSun TS221 M390 Slip Joint


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Feb 15, 2009
Melbourne - Australia

If Looks / Feels / and how it's bolted together matter ? Then the TwoSun TS221 should float your boat .
How ever !

If you think that the blade quality dictates the quality of the knife , then this sample is a fail .
Performance is on par with 420c or 440c knives ( budget knives ) .
The TS221 is a very poor representative of for a M390 knife .
Premium steel it is not , not when it performs like budget steel .

I got 100 slices on the factory edge
Some 50 slices off the whetstone grinder
And going with the guided knife sharpener and a polished edge , 150 slices not once , but twice .
This is a really poor performance for M390 .
And I got the knife hair popping sharp . Which was a complete waste of time .
My humble opinion , this one was overpriced rubbish !
I have a $10 knife that kicks this one to the curb ,,, :eek: ( At least with a cheap knife your not getting ripped )

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