U2 Beamshaper


Newly Enlightened
Oct 19, 2006
It seems like I might be waiting forever for my FM64 Beamshaper from Surefire...backordered I think. Anyway, while tinkering around in my workshop it occurred to me that the rubber bezel of my Princeton Tec, Tec 40 might fit over the bezel of my U2. I had to take out the "lens" from inside the bezel as it is the part with the threads. Cut a piece of lexan to fit as a new lens, "fogged" it with steel wool...fits and works like a charm.

Protection for the bezel and lens, easy on/off, super cheap and not a bad diffuser. Took another person's advice from CPF and added the Mini Mag accessory rubber bezel attachment (without lens) to the tailcap. Now that is protected too and my U2 stands up for candle mode.

Great ideas on this site! Thanks everyone!