Ultrafire 2xAA 601-A converted to Seoul P4


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Jan 7, 2007
Northern CA
I bought this light from Dae at Qualitychinagoods.com. It's powered by 2 AA batteries, has a Luxeon (or Luxeon type...lol) LED on a star board, and claims to be regulated. I haven't done a scientific test on that claim, but it did seem to have pretty constant output for 3 1/2 hours. It's constructed of aluminum and has a glass lens. All in all, a very nice light for the money. Pretty decent throw, but with a fairly smooth blend from the hotspot to the spill. It has an excellent textured grip surface, and feels great in hand. It has a fine brushed surface on the other areas. I really like the finish of this light!

So, what to do next? Put a Seoul P4 in it! :laughing: As expected, it's much brighter after the conversion, with a way more useable spill. Very easy conversion, as the light unscews very easily, and the pill unscrews from the body with no problems. Just a simple star swap. Current measured 650 mA stock at the batteries, and was exactly 650 mA after. This is the first light I've converted that didn't show a current change. Of course I forgot to take some before shots of the beam...oh well.

This light before the conversion, and even more so after, is a great all around light. If I had to get rid of all but 3 of my lights, this is one that I'd keep around.



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Dec 4, 2005
Silver Spring, MD
I have two of these that I upgraded. I tried Cree with stock relector (RINGY), Cree with Cree optic (floody), and Seoul with stock reflector (JUST RIGHT!).