Upgrade Thrunite TN36 and TN40 and TN4A flood and search lights


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Jan 12, 2021
I'm in forensics where I go into the field frequently at night looking for things in close and far distances, sometimes very small things. I've been using the Thrunite TN36 (floodlight 4x18650) and the TN40 (searchlight- not removable battery) along with the TN4A (compact floodlight 4xAA). I charge these lights everyday. It's been 3 years and I would like to upgrade these lights. I want lights with roughly the same size but brighter and lasting longer at high brightness (longer drain time?). In terms of the TN4A I would like to upgrade to a slimmer tactical version (button at the end). I've tried the Olight M2R Pro but find the light beam to be too narrow and it gets very hot quickly. Thank you for the advice.


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Nov 21, 2014
Prescott Az
Welcome to CPF! I bought TN36UT on January, 2016.

June, 2017 I bought Acebeam X45 to supersede it. Since then, I have bought several lights that have less power but more throw, and also several lights that have more power but less throw, in similar size classification.

It is all about ratio of beam width (flood) to throw per given size per given fuel supply per given heat generation.

I will mention X65 regular and Mini, D18, MS06, HK90 and GT94. More performance/more runtime = Bigger flashlight.

Less heat quickly = Bigger flashlight and/or lower maximum mode. My vavorite tactical pocket rocket is TM9K, but you may need to search various manufacturers offerings for smaller. My fav small light is D4V2, but it gets hot quickly at/near max modes.

Happy hunting! :welcome:

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May 19, 2011
For close up work I would highly recommend something with only 1 LED and high CRI, just my personal opinion but I would sacrifice lumen output for a better artifact-less beam and high CRI but idk a good light that does this.

For the Search light the Nitecore TN39 would be good, puts out as many lumens with 1 LED as the TN40 does with 4