V5.1 Battery Examination Application Question


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Feb 12, 2017
Hi all. I am not sure if this application was available with V5, but in v5.1 there is a battery examination application accessed with pin 113. It is a load test that, once completed, gives you between 1 and 5 flash rating of your battery with 1 being the worst and 5 being excellent. I thought it would be a handy tool to determine when my older batteries are on the way out.

The only battery I had was an older AW 18350, so I tried it and got 3 flashes. I purchased 3 new 1200 mah Keeppower 18350s, supposedly the best out there, and after a full charge the new cells still only get 3 flashes from the test. Any thoughts on what that could mean? I assume they are fine, but wondering why I'm only getting 3 flashes. Is there a difference in what I would see with an 18350 cell vs 18650? With a 1200 mah vs 700? Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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Aug 18, 2007
Sorry for the difficulty. Unfortunately, the 113 pin has not passed our (OR/TL) quality control process and is not an official feature to be announced and supported. You'll need to check with lux rc directly as to its uses and behaviors.
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