Vapcell S4 Plus Charger - How to Charge D Cells


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Jan 9, 2022
United States
Hi All! I bought what I thought was a pretty good charger (Vapcell S4 Plus) to charge NiMH/Li-ion: AA and 21700 for my flashlights and AAA/AA/C/D NiMH batteries for my kids' toys. I was looking for a charger that would be as safe as possible.

The Vapcell S4 Plus product description says it can charge D cells. The packaged manual says it can charge D cells. But when I tried to put in D cells (Tenergy Premium), they didn't fit. I reached out to Vapcell customer support who confirmed that D cells don't fit.

Sorry, Vapcell S4 plus can't charge D cell , sorry , dear .

With us your money in safe and business in safe . Never cheat anyone during 8 years, NO tricky .

I'm looking for a solution:
  1. Ideally I can find an adapter that allows me to put the D cells into the charger. It doesn't matter if I can only charge 2, or even only 1 battery at a time. I don't want to DIY it. Maximum safety is my thing.
  2. What is another charger I could buy that does NiMH and Li-ion, auto-detection, everything up to and including D cells, maximum safety and minimum thinking required? Ideally it would would directly plug into an outlet. Or maybe take USB-C. I do not want to introduce anything USB-A or micro-USB into my household in 2022.
Thanks for all your help and insight you all!

p.s.: unrelated bonus question: I'm thinking of trying out a Li-ion 14500 in my Lumintop EDC AA instead of the AA I have been using. What's the best battery you can recommend?