Where to get a Jaxa for removing bezels for $3.99

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Jan 17, 2005
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I imagine there are still some people upgrading or replacing the Lexan lenses in their Arc lights. I just ordered one of the UCL's from flashlightlens.com but wasn't sure how I'd get the bezel out. I found this in my snail mail this morning from Harbor Freight - Jaxa Watch case opener tool for $3.99 (regular $7.99) - they are from India nad actually seem fairly good quality - needless to say I ran down and got one. It worked very well to remove the bezel. I don't have the UCL yet so I polished up the polycarbonate and it looks considerably better. For this price any flashaholics should grab them - just went on sale today. I'm not sure where all the Harbor Freight stores are at but they had them in California and they are in Colorado - here is a link to their web site I just found - they've even got them online there but they don't have them marked at the sale price - should have a store locator there though:
Jaxa on H.F.
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