Will we see an M6 LED from Surefire?


Sep 2, 2006
Over in the marketplace MattK of BatteryJunction updated the Surefire UB3T pre-order thread:

Recently a new cutting edge LED has become available to SureFire which will be incorporated into the UB3T and M3LT products. The new LED is smaller in size and can generate up to 600 lumens on three 123A batteries with the runtime equivalent to what we see today for the M3LT, approximately 1.7 hours at maximum output; it can generate up to 800 lumens on 6 123A batteries. The dimensions, the aesthetics and functionality of the UB3T and the M3LT will remain the same.

Note how they mentioned the 6 battery output? Why? Hmmm. Discuss! :naughty: