ZT 0235


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Feb 15, 2009
Melbourne - Australia

I'm not here to sell U guys a knife !
Ball indent 3 position slip joint .. Closed / 90 degrees / fully open ! ( I don't like it )
Why didn't they just do it as a lock back ??? ( Anyways )
If you have issue with ball indent slip joints (?) , U can do / try what I did .. Just tighten the blade pivot screw ... This increases tension , and it's harder to accidently close / slip the blade .. Yes ...... It won't be as slick to open when set up tight !

Bling Bling Edge ! - I went nuts polishing the edge for buttery smooth slicing ! And yes it cost me edge retention ! Cutting rope the Fail came at some 200 slices with what appears to be a micro roll ( or something ) , as a quick N dirty wood strop got it slicing again !

1500 Grit Edge ! - Diamond sharpened on the guided system ! Not nearly as smooth as Bling Bling , but the return was edge loss at 400 slices and a hard fail at some 500 slices .

This is a small knife and the rope test is ........... a little heavy duty for a knife this size ! But still 500 slices with a 18 degree 1500 grit edge .... I can live with that ! What is how ever hard to justify is the price .. Is this knife value for money .. Put aside edge retention . $200 US Green Backs or $300 Oz Bananas .. It's a nice little knife , but it's not $200 USD nice . That's just my opinion ! ( $300 Local bananas ) . Go watch some U-tube reviews where they Gush over this knife something terrible . In the scheme of things , I would rate this knife sub $100 USD .. So that's a lot of gravy attached to this knife ( my opinion ) .


Jan 6, 2013
Cape Town
I think, personally, that knife companies along with many other companies, no longer set prices that include
R+D, development, manufacturing and marketing, and then put a sensible profit margin in line with expected returns, they just see how much they can get.
There's a lot of it going on.