I have a Nitecore MT21A mounted to the side of my AR. The XPE R2 is my favorite emitter out there since the XRE Q5.
I love the throw on it, it rates 10,000 at the hotspot and this is my favorite light since the TK20. Currently, it is the downright furthest throwing 2AA out there. I have not been able to find a single AA or 2AA , that has a hotspot of 10,000lux.
Your proabalb ywondering how I got a pressure switch for the MT21A since they donít make one for it. I used a pressure switch from 18650 light and basically taped it down. Yes tape. As I said, I cannot find a light with 10,000luz and a weapon light needs throw not OP reflectors or flood. Pure throw.
What are my options?
I do not mind 18650, 14500 or AA. These I already have.
It must have a smooth reflector and have a pressure switch available. Not looking to spend more then 30. Thats how much the MT21A cost.