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Thread: Considering Fenix HM50R headlamp. Info appreciated

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    Smile Considering Fenix HM50R headlamp. Info appreciated

    I'm looking into a new headlamp. I don't have a heavy use need. No mountain climbing, hiking or anything like that. What I like about the Fenix HM50R is it uses a rechargable battery but also will use CR123 batteries. Not sure of different performance with the different batteries. But I'm betting it's not enough to worry about for my needs. Being able to use two different type batteries is a plus I like. I already have lights that use CR123 and have them on hand all the time. My other favorite battery type is AA and AAA batteries because I have a charger and re-chargeable batteries of those types. The only battery option that is a deal breaker for me is a light that ONLY has a built in battery that needs to be re-charged. That could put me out of a light while it is being re-charged. That's kind of a cry baby requirement I have because if my one head lamp needs to be re-charged I do have backups. But still that's what I want.

    So, battery type and power is good with this light.

    Next is the fact the light can be removed from the head band and used as a small light. EDC size even.

    Ease of use regarding different output modes seems good. I don't need a bunch of different strobes or even SOS. However, SOS is nice just in case. But for my needs I won't pay extra for SOS.

    The only thing I don't see that I'd like in a head lamp is for the light to be focused into a very small spot. The HM50R doesn't seem to be able to change the beam from flood to a smaller spot. For walking my dog flood is usually fine but there are times I might want to shrink the light into a small, brighter area. In case I think I see a rattle snake in the yard or under a bush. This is a real possibility. Or sometimes if I'm working on something on my work bench that I want a huge amount of light in a very small spot. I don't see that feature with this light.

    This is what I see in this light. For the price I like it. $50 - $55 price range as I see it. The small spot light feature is something I'd like a lot but I'm not willing to pay a lot more for it. So, any suggestions about buying this light based on what I've said here is appreciated. Along with suggestions for other lights. I've owned quite a few lights compared to the "normal" guy but not a lot compared to people who usually end up on flashlight forums. I've had 100% success with between 5 and 15 Fenix lights over the years. Mostly EDC size. Once I find something that works and I like it I normally just stick with that. Even thought I know there are other manufactures that are probably just as trustworthy. I've never owned lights that are more than 300 lumens or lights that if I shine the light at a piece of paper it will burst into flames.

    Thanks guys/gals for reading. I appreciate any information.


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    Default Re: Considering Fenix HM50R headlamp. Info appreciated

    I used to favor AA/AAA batteries till I came across some 18650s and started tinkering with them buying cheap chinese flashlights and power bank kits and finally usb headlamps. My first headlamp to replace an aging Rayovac 1AA headlamp that sported a luxeon and 30 lumens for about 90 minutes off a duraloop is a Wowtac A2S for $30 and I also have a Fenix HL60R 18650 headlamp too. Both headlamps have about the same output/modes. I chose 18650 because I wanted long runtime and also figured the high 400+ lumen mode was adequate for most things and the Turbo 900 lumen mode is also useful on occasion. I think you can get the HL60R for about 15-20 dollars more or about 65-75 dollars there is also the HL55 which doesn't have the charging function and it cheaper closer to the HM50R you are looking at.
    I've not owned lights above about 250 lumens before and am sold on the higher modes and with an 18650 you get enough runtime to make them useful plus run at 100-200 lumens for a full day. With 900 lumens mode it helps when you don't throw as well you can light up a large area well.
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