1-hand-operated 1AAA Cree


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Jun 5, 2006
I want a 1AAA Cree light with a clicky (side or tail) or that is very easy to operate 1-handed

I'd be happy with a Fenix L0D CE or a Jetbeam Cree AAA but these are both twisties and I'm guessing that because they're both pretty smooth I wouldn't be able to use them one handed easily

I already have a L0PSE but its just not one handed enoughed for me so I don't really use it. I even got spare o-rings from 4sevens and this still didn't fix it. I edc a Lambda Pocket Illuminator (because its got a momentary and a very 1 handed operation) or a Proton (althought too big for me) because they are clickies.

My ArcP is very one handed for me, mainly because of the knurling. What I'd like is a Millermod Cree ArcP but these are out of budget for now. What are my options?

An L0D CE with a L1D CE operation would be ideal!


Sep 7, 2004
Corvallis (OSU)
I'm not sure about any knurling changes, but my L0P is easy to use one handed. At least until I tweaked the head a bit taking it apart :)

Jay R

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Mar 10, 2006
Bracknell, England.
I did two things. One was to swap the o ring and the other thing you can do is to hook out the spring and compress it a bit. You can do this by pulling it 'through' itself a bit. Do this so the battery only sticks 2-3mm out from the bottom half of the case.
It makes it a lot easier to twist with one hand as the spring isn't forcing the threads together so much.

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