2014 Toyota Tacoma headlights and foglights


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Feb 20, 2009
Just had a quick look at the post you linked. I didn't read it in detail but my initial thoughts are that these extra powerful bulbs won't be road legal, would require beefing up existing wiring and may also damage (melt?) bits of the existing housing if you're not careful.
I'm sure the guy in the post covered off on all this stuff?

Yes, the high wattage osrams Require a relay harness, but a relay harness will also boost the performance of standard wattage bulbs. While not road legal, due to the bulb being too high wattage and too high output, it is an effective choice- and not one that is likely to be noticed, unlike an HID kit or LED retrofit bulb (neither of which are legal, and more importantly effective). The osram bulb is great. I ran several pairs in my 3rd gen 4runner with my relay harness.

Standard wattage, high performance H4/9003, type bulbs offer higher low beam performance, but often at the direct expense of their high beam filaments performance. The 100/90w osram does not handicap the highbeam, which is important imo. With standard wattage 9003's, after trying a bunch of different ones (prior to the high wattage osrams), I eventually settled on using philips xtremevision +100's, as they offered a lowbeam bump. But did not have a blue coating over the highbeam filament.
On rural roads, don't hesitate to use your high beams. As long as you're demonstrating courtesy and using them within the legal guidelines.

I'd start with some decent bulbs (like Night Breaker 200), check the adjustment, and check the condition of the lenses. Then see how you go from there.

Just had another quick look at the post above.
Looks like a great upgrade. Basically installed like adding extra lights (driving lights etc).
My main comment is that the headlights technically become illegal (in most parts I'd say?)
As far as being an issue to other drivers or being picked up on an inspection, I really don't think it would be an issue.

Driving lights are worth the expense, imo. Although its hard to say that once you've driven behind those 90w osram highbeams. But I have had a ton of close encounters and unwanted impacts with deer and other wildlife since I started driving. I put driving lights on all of my vehicles.