9 -11


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Aug 13, 2019
Just a quick note to remember the fallen and to also recognize how big a part our favorite subject played in not only saving lives but in the recovery. Here is a story of Gary Fishbone who led people out of tower 2 using his Maglite.

God bless our first responders and those that perished on this day 18 years ago.



Aug 9, 2015
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Today was "where were you at 911?" day at my work. Thing is you can ask somebody what they did last Tuesday and hear "got me" but every single one knew exactly what they were doing when they heard the first plane may have been a sleepy drunk guy, but the second one and everybody said "uh oh"……and when they heard the Pentagon was hit, everybody I spoke with said they had the same reaction I did.

The only thing nobody mentioned that I thought that day was how a handful of people brought the United States of America to a stand still with box cutters. Holy crap!! Box cutters.

I spoke with my sons around lunch time that day as their schools had shut down. I explained to them how important it was to continue like normal but make sure they did not hate anybody as the tv news was going to attempt to make one group mad at another group.

Heck I can even tell you what shirt I was wearing that day. My "concrete wave magazine" t-shirt. I still have the American flag bandana I bought from a street vendor the next day.


Dec 20, 2012
Northern New Jersey
Due to 9-11 I realized that my youngest brother wasn't just a kid anymore. When the NJ Carpenters Union was called in to help he jumped at the opportunity/obligation. He commanded someone else to speak for him, because he had lost his voice earlier in the day. With his newly implemented voice he created and managed 5 bucket lines. He was a project supervisor, so he was accustomed to telling 50-100 union workers what to do. 300 volunteers who had no clue might have been a challenge.
At any rate, I am very proud of him!

My other brother also jumped to the rescue. Although he is also a union carpenter foreman who builds high-rise buildings, he has been on bridge building crews and had access to cutting torches. He grabbed some torches, but couldn't get in because there was a security issue regarding safes.

I helped bring chiropractors to the site for the rescue workers.

I am very proud of my family, and if the SHTF I want them around.
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Feb 3, 2010
Life changed for a time even up here in Canada. I remember watching the news that morning (like I always did) and seeing it as it happened with quite uncertainty. I told my wife what was happening and we talked about how world will not be the same after this event. It was a somber day. :mecry:

The 1st responders and other brave people still deserve our respect.