A little oil price irony (huge "24" S5 spoiler so read with care)


May 21, 2008
Firstly, the text below contains a huge spoiler for season 5 of "24", so if you haven't seen it and intend to, read no further.

Just to be safe I have put the crucial words in white so you'll need to highlight them to read.

So, I was watching Jack do his thing, season 5, that's from January 2006, 4 years ago. Near the end of the season President Logan is talking to Secretary Heller (who has just discovered that Logan is behind it all) trying to justify his actions of allowing the bad guys to get hold of nerve gas to take to central Asia by saying that without this action (and I paraphrase, can't remember the exact words) "what will happen if oil gets to $100 per barrel and the people who elected me can't afford to run their cars and heat their homes?".

"Can't afford to run cars and heat homes". Normally TV fiction is exactly that, but sometimes they hit the nail on the head and don't even realize they've done it. At the moment it's a mere $77 per barrel or thereabouts, but in another 4 years, who knows?

Don't worry though, whatever happens, Jack'll fix it, it's what he does :twothumbs