so why flashlights? why do you like them?


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Dec 29, 2019
If only I knew. If I got to pick and choose which hobbies I liked, I'd probably choose stuff with a bit more mass appeal.

Every metro area has access to a golf course but nobody has heard of an illumitorium.

And… as much as I like them, there's not much difference between flashlight enthusiasts and screwdriver enthusiasts. We're all kind of obsessing over what most people see as a basic tool.

That's life, though!
I restore old tools, don't forget handplanes! This was a rusty derelict when I got it. The Titanic was still on the drawing boards when this thing was planing wood.


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Mar 29, 2017
Well the technology is mind blowing. It fascinates me that something so small can put out a beam of light. I have no idea how it works, just that it works. It helps me make it home safe every day, so there is some comfort there.


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Jun 9, 2022
The human experience is that of manipulating one's environment to suit one's needs. Flashlights allow us the ability to see in the dark, something we're not very good at.


Jun 22, 2017
Not to overstate it too much, but I like flashlights for the same reason that I like magnifying glasses, binoculars, telescopes, night vision, microscopes, photo spectrometers, Geiger counters, range finders, and x-ray vision; They all allow me (or would allow me) to see or detect things that are otherwise invisible, and there's something about that that is just seriously cool. (Either that or I'm just plain nosey. :unsure:)

There are arguably 3 types of people:
Those who follow our more basic instincts and fear the unknown. Jumping at shadows, a mouse...the shadow of a mouse. Etc.
Those - considering the current technical advancements we take for granted in our society - who simply accepts what we have and what we can currently do, but otherwise have little actual interest in it.
Those, and I am looking at you now, sir, who sees a stripy tail slowly moving inside an otherwise dark cavern and goes "...what happens if I pull this?"

Without an overly passionate interest in exploring the unknown, we never would have gotten to where we are, so do please keep up your, eh... "noseyness", and I'm sure we'll see your scientific breakthrough in the papers soon enough. :)

But one word of warning - that X-ray vision gear...while I can imagine the interest in having an X-ray machine shining at / through you while you got the output connected to a computer screen. And while it certainly would be some quality time of going "hot daymn, I be sexy!", I fear it wouldn't be for a long time, you know. In this case, ghosts would probably be safer to find. ;)

I am serious here, btw. We need people who explore the unknown and push boundaries, because I know I sure am NOT one of those people.
If I was ever told I would be needing a Geiger counter for anything, I would run for the hills and not look back. In fact, I think I would prefer pulling the previously mentioned stripy tail instead...

The human experience is that of manipulating one's environment to suit one's needs. Flashlights allow us the ability to see in the dark, something we're not very good at.
Ooh, I like that phrasing! And this explains why I go into darkness with my Fenix TK75 feeling like Darth Vader: "Now I am the master!"
...And begin bending the darkness to my will. ^^
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