AA MiniQuaglite LED - MiniMag/Quark hybrid


Jan 11, 2010
the Netherlands
Before you ask 'Why?' let me answer that question for you right away; Because i can :naughty:

Anyways, i had this old MiniMag LED that didn't get used anymore because the output kinda sucked and i had this Quark low voltage head that was acting up. When i opened up the Quark head for inspection i couldn't really find anything wrong or whatever but at the same time i got the brilliant idea to put all the guts inside the Mag to see if it would behave better in that new configuration..... and i kinda like the results:


Here's a little video that shows that (almost) all functionality is still intact even without a button :sssh:

As you can see all modes are still accessible through double twisty action (twisting it down all the way will always give turbo, never strobe) and twisting it on and off will cycle throught the modes.

Here's some quick and dirty mod-pics on jobs involved!

The business-end showing the quarks emitter and reflector in the little mags head:


(the led-star is mounted on a 98% copper base press-fitted in the bored mag head)

Driver board cut down and in place in the head, note the added spring to make contact with the batteries:


Both the threads on the head and the body had to be de-anodised to make mode-switching work:


Hope you guys like!!!

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