ACDelco-Wagner 3457K bulbs?


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Nov 17, 2012
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Instead of starting a new thread, (or adding to my recent threads on the same subject.....that I'm also not getting notifications about even though I'm subscribed???), I'll ask here since there's a lot of good info on this 3x57 series bulb and 1 other earlier post that's been bugging me for years to finally get clarification on:

So, I jumped the gun on some AC Delco GM Orig. boxed bulbs on Amazon.
10 bulbs in an "Genuine GM Box 3457K:
$4.88 total per box. .48 cents a piece!!!!!!

The GM Box reads:
077 20157-324 LC55 GR.8.91
ACD# 3457K
QTY. 10

I opened both boxes, and to my despair, they're Wagner's and say: "Wagner 12V 3457KX"......................

I don't see any country of origin stamped on the box or the bulb.

Virgil mentioned in post #41 HERE: that Wagner was at the bottom of the barrel.
Does this include this bulb also being stuffed into a GM box?

Should this be a different mfg. of bulb, or did someone put Wagner's in a GM box and pull a fast one on Amazon?
I just called to confirm thru my local GM dealer, and their's are also Wagners 3457KX in the $4.88 each.....

In the past, I have purchased the GE Night Hawks 3457NH at $4.88 for 2 bulb blister pack a few years ago that are highly recommended here; again in post#41, above......but now the 3457 Night Hawks are running $15 for 2 on Amazon thru another I put a request for Amazon to carry it once again.

One thing I noticed under my magnifying glass thru the magnifying bubble, is the glass is orange-peeled & foggy/blurry and not crystal clear along with ton's of air-bubbles in the glass. It actually looks like the surface of the moon thru a telescope!
It also has a seam the divides the glass into 2 pieces at different positions like 3 & 9 o'clock, 11 & 4 o'clock ect, ect. ect. on each bulb at different positions...... I guess that seam in the bulb is part of a molding-die process when the bulb was formed.......

As an example you can see this "seam" on the 1st bulb (running front-to-back 12 & 6 o'clock position) in this "very costly" listing as well as the rippling/orange-peel glass if you use the zoom-function and can even been seen in the "shadow" on the backdrop that the bulb casts in the photo. Just an example of my concerns but at $12 for 2 bulbs....:ohgeez:

I may have to open my tail-lights to get at my GE Nighthawks to compare at least the quality of glass used on the GE Nighthawks, unless this has been discussed before on incandescent bulb-glass quality. I remember reading an in-depth discussion years ago here on glass quality/clarity for halogens, but maybe it's not a critical issue with a low-wattage bulbs.

UPDATE: I had 1 broken bulb in the box since they're packaged in the GM box loosely & poorly packed by Amazon, so I called Amazon, and they gave me credit for the entire order of 20 crummy-made Wagner bulbs......minus one broken one.

Your expert thoughts are greatly appreciated?

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