Best right/angle flashlight/headlamp under $100? Zebralight h600fc vs armytek wizard pro nichia (and others)?


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Dec 14, 2021
New England, USA
I do a lot of general yard/handiwork which runs late as well as hiking and camping. To describe what I am looking for in a sentence would be an enthusiast grade light but with all the practicality and usability of a more ¨sane¨ light. I have 18650 batteries and chargers so I am looking for it to run off a single 18650. It also must be waterproof.

I am looking for excellent beam characteristics and high cri. While not absolutely necessary I would prefer it to be above 1000 lumens. My personal preference for color is warmer than daylight but closer to neutral than warm. Like around 4000-4500k.

Efficiency: Other than beam quality/brightness this is probably the most important characteristic for me. I want it to last multiple hours at high lumen outputs and any extra amount of battery life is 1 less 18650 battery I have to carry on a hike. How long it can maintain a given output is important too. I don want it to be outputting 1000 lumen for a glorious 20 seconds and then drop down to consumer level brightness for anything after that.

Weight: This is another big issue for me. I have carried a black diamond spot (86 grams) and a petzl tikkina (83 grams) before which were both acceptable for weight but lighter is always a big bonus for me when hiking.

Comfort: I will be wearing this for extended periods, it can´t start to become uncomfortable or loosen itself even after multiple hours.

Nice to haves: Good out of strap ergonomics, this will be my primary carry until I have enough money to blow on another flashlight so it should function well as a flashlight as well as a headlamp. Some sort of way to find it even when its not on, like a glow in the dark bit or a really low drain light. Good low output options which can be used with sensitive wildlife and sleeping people.

Reliability: I want to go hiking and backpacking with it so it can be futzy or unreliable. I always carry a backup light but I am going to be really annoyed if it fails.

The 2 main lights I am looking at are the armytek wizard pro nichia and the zebralight h600fc. I am partcularly curious about the efficiency difference between the zebralight and the armytek. I heard the zebralight is more efficient but by a lot of just a hair? The skillhunt H04 would save me a decent chunk of cash if the value added by the more premium ones is not a lot.


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Sep 4, 2015
Green Bay, WI
For your needs I'd say go with the Zebralight. Granted I don't own one, but from everything I've read about their h600 series, it checks most of the boxes you described.


Oct 1, 2004
I don't have either of those but my Wowtac A2S works very well and doesn't cost nearly as much. I'm not sure about waterproofness but I've used it in the rain quite often on a hard hat. It is a right angle flashlight too. I have the neutral white version but is seems to be more to the yellowish perhaps 4500K.

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Dec 13, 2007
Out of the two, I’d say the Zebralight, though I’m not fond of lights that don’t accept protected cells, that go on my head. Your choice, your risk.

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