Best way to wrap a 17670?



So I was an idiot and misinterpreted someone saying to remove the sticker of an AW 17670 as actually removing the entire black labelling of the battery. I've now tried three of these batteries and none of them fit too well in my Quark Turbo, but one of them barely manages to work, so Ill stick with it.

I have a 17670 that is the completely bare metal tube, no black around it what so ever. The thing was only charged once so I kind of feel bad throwing it away, but I am not THAT cheap as to risk any danger.

So far I've seen a few threads about how to wrap a battery but they don't seem completely ideal. I would need the wrapping to be as thin as possible, but I dont want it to be unsafe in the least. Could anyone give me the best product that will work and will be safe for this scenario? Hopefully you experts have one consensus and one inexpensive product, because another battery is only about $10 bucks, but these things add up. Thanks guys.