Brinyte PT16 Review, Tactical Flashlight with 2000 lms & 600m

Dec 3, 2012
I received the Brinyte PT16 directly from Brinyte for review.
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BRINYTE has released the new PT16, an updated version of the Brinyte PT18, a super bright flashlight with a long-range beam. PT16 features a Luminous SFT40 CW LED with a maximum light output of 2000 lumens and 4 main brightness levels, as well as special Strobe and SOS modes. With this LED the PT16 reaches, with its beam, the maximum distance of 608 m (19944 feet).
It is equipped with Type-C charging and is powered by a 21700 5000mAh battery (included in the sales package) with a maximum autonomy of 16800 minutes.
PT16 is equipped with two switches at the tail and one on the side for complete management of the user interface with support for touch-to-turbo and touch-to-strobe functions.
Brinyte PT16 still has compact dimensions and is equipped with a clip and a tactical ring for better portability. It has protection against reverse polarity and is IP68 certified (submersible up to 2 meters) with impact resistance of 1m.
Brinyte PT16 is particularly suitable for meeting various needs including military and police tactics, hunting, emergency lighting, industrial inspections, camping, hiking etc.
Brinyte PT16 is available in three different kits: standard, outdoor and tactical. The version I reviewed is the "Outdoor" one.
Standard: PT16 Flashlight, 21700 5000mAh Rechargeable Battery, USB Type-C Charging Cable, Lanyard, Spare O-ring x2 and Pocket Clip.
Outdoor: PT16 Flashlight, 21700 5000mAh Rechargeable Battery, USB Type-C Charging Cable, Lanyard, Spare O-ring x2, Pocket Clip, Premium Flashlight Holster and Tactical Ring.
Tactical: PT16 Flashlight, 21700 5000mAh Rechargeable Battery, USB Type-C Charging Cable, Lanyard, Spare O-ring x2, Pocket Clip, Remote Pressure Switch and Brinyte BRM21 Rifle Mount.

Main features:
• Max 2000 lumens and beam distance 608 meters
• Peak beam intensity: 92500cd
• Powered by a rechargeable 5000mAh 21700 lithium battery, included
• Uses a Luminus SFT40 CW LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
• Thermostatic module can automatically adjust the brightness
• Instant activation and instant strobe thanks to the double tactical switch on the tail
• Front side switch lock and memory function
• USB-C format charging port with internal waterproofing treatment
• With battery level indication and low voltage warning
• Includes pocket clip and lanyard for convenient use
• Made of A6061-T6 aluminium
• Premium HAIII hard anodized anti-abrasive finish
• Working voltage: 2.8 – 6.0V
• Tested with IP68 waterproofness and 1 meter shock resistance

Turbo: 2000 lumens / 2min + 130min
High: 820 lumens / 200min
Medium: 130 lumens / 1200min
Low: 10 lumens / 16800min
Strobe: 1600 lumens
SOS: 300 lumens

Dimensions and weight
Dimensions: 39mm head, 159mm length and 27mm body
Weight: 152g, 5.36oz (excluding battery), 225g (with battery, clip and tactical ring)

Warranty Service
Free replacement within 30 days. If your Brinyte Light is defective under normal use within 30 days, we will replace or repair it free of charge.
Free repairs for 2 years. If your Brinyte Light has any problems with product performance, such as failure to turn on, burst flash function failure, function button failure, we will repair the item for free.


Note: The above parameters are measured using the measurement method described in the international testing standard ANSI/NEMA FL1 and were tested in a laboratory environment using a 5000mAh Brinyte 21700 battery. The tested parameters have approximate values and may vary depending on the battery or usage environment. The PT16 flashlight can support non-rechargeable CR123A batteries with up to 820 lumens. Since the internal diameter of the PT16 is not suitable for CR123A batteries, the battery cannot be placed securely, so it is not recommended to use it except for emergency situations.

Brinyte PT16 arrived in a rigid cardboard box protected by molded plastic.

My package is the "OUTDOOR" Kit. Inside the box I found:
  • The Brinyte PT16 flashlight with Clip and Tactical Ring inserted
  • One Brinyte 21700 5000mAh rechargeable battery
  • Charging cable USB-C
  • Lanyard
  • Holster
  • BR Tactical Ring
  • 2 x spare o-rings
  • Manual and Warranty

The steel Clip, inserted under the tactical ring, remains firmly in place and allows the PT16 to be easily inserted into jeans. It is possible to insert a lanyard on the Clip if necessary.

My kit also includes the holster and the BR Tactical Ring.
The holster in the premium version is made of semi-rigid cordura with a hook and loop closure. In the lower and upper part it has circular openings that allow the tail to come out and therefore the possibility of using the torch even if inserted into it. On the sides there are two small elastic pockets for inserting a battery.
Also particular is the 360-degree rotating rigid plastic rear attachment system with which we will attach the torch to the belt. This system which allows you to adjust the angle of the holster in 12 positions facilitates its use even in a seated position. The holster is very sturdy even though it is large.


The BR Tactical Ring, of the same color as the torch, once inserted into the tail of the PT16 allows you to use the torch by keeping the index finger inserted in it, favoring a better tactical grip and in other operations, significantly increasing the speed with which we will go to take out the torch.
Once inserted into the tail cap it remains firmly in place thanks to the O-ring placed at the base of the cap. The BR Tactical Ring has a pointed shape which also makes it a valid self-defense tool.


Brinyte PT16 has excellent build quality; good thicknesses as well as materials and rounded edges. In the hand it is held and gripped well despite the length of 159mm.
The design is very beautiful with a non-slip knurling with horizontal lines on the body and vertical lines on the head. There are also cooling fins at the bottom.


Brinyte PT16 is constructed of aluminum alloy with a military-grade hard anodized finish. The writing on the flashlight is well made and clearly legible, where it is clearly stated that mine is an example not for sale.

On the head of the Brinyte PT16 we find a SMO dish with the Luminus SFT40 CW LED in the center. The dark-coloured bezel protects the glass of the PT16 by being slightly crenulated and protruding. Good lens with anti-reflection coating.


Brinyte PT16 pro has one side switch and two tail switches.
The electronic side switch has a status LED in the center, is metal and slightly raised and has good touch sensitivity producing a silent click. The LED gives us information regarding the remaining charge level and the status of the battery being charged. Once the PT16 is turned on, the LED lights up for five seconds to tell us:
• Green: Charge equal to or greater than 70%
• Orange: Charge between 70% and 30%
• Red: Charge equal to or less than 30%
• Flashing Red: Charge equal to or less than 10%
With the side switch we have complete management of the UI (user interface).



Moving on to the two tail switches, they are different sizes and both made of rubber. The round-shaped switch has an ON/OFF and Momentary-On function for the Turbo, while the oval-shaped one allows, with the torch off, direct access to the Strobe or with the torch on the variation of the levels as well as access to the Strobe.

Under the projector, on the opposite side of the side switch, there is the USB-C charging port protected by a thin rubber door. As is clearly written in the specifications, the internal charging port is waterproof being sealed and therefore resistant to water and dust.

In my tests the battery was fully recharged in approximately 5 hours with the maximum charging current of 2A.
Charging indication
In charge. The red light is solid.
Fully charged. The green light is solid.
Charging exception: Orange light is on
Note: During the charging process or when charging is complete and not interrupted, the flashlight can only enter LOW mode and can only switch from low light to medium light when switching modes.

The battery, included in the package, is a lithium 21700 5000mAh. One of the many advantages of the Brinyte PT16 is that it also works with both top and flat, protected or unprotected 21700 batteries from other manufacturers.

The only unscrewable part of the PT16 is the tail cap. At the negative and positive poles there are plated springs which allow excellent contact with the battery for optimal current circulation. The threads on the torch body, which has a double chamber, are not anodized. You can also see an O-ring for protection against dust and liquids. Brinyte PT16 is IP68 certified.
By slightly unscrewing the tail cap we obtain the blocking of the tail switches while the side switch will continue to turn on the torch, if it has not been blocked previously.

Brinyte PT16 near other flashlights.
From left: Battery Brinyte 21700, Brinyte PT16, Cyansky K3 v2, Nitecore MH25 Pro and Zebralight Sc600 II L2.

Brinyte PT16 has 4 normal modes + 2 special modes (Strobe and SOS). The level spacing is good even if a Luna level of 1 lumens or less is missing.
It has three switches, 2 at the rear and 1 on the side.
Queue switches.
The round-shaped switch Tail Main Switch has an ON/OFF and Momentary-On function for the Turbo; so if we press halfway we get the momentary Turbo while if we press completely until the click we get the constant Turbo.
The oval-shaped switch Tail Side Switch allows, if the Main Switch at the end is in the OFF position with the light off, access to the momentary Strobe while if the Main Switch at the end is in the ON position, then when the light is on, cycle through the 4 available levels (Low-Middle-High-Turbo) and with a long press activate the Strobe.

The side switch Front Side Switch allows you to turn the flashlight on and off; cannot turn off the flashlight if turned on with the Tail Primary Switch queued.
With the torch off, holding down the switch accesses the Low level.
With the torch turned on, each click will cycle the various output levels while a double click will activate the Strobe. With the Strobe activated, a further double click leads to the SOS.
Brinyte PT16 has a memory function, allowing you to recall the last level used with a click when the flashlight is off.

Electronic lockout
Front Switch Unlock: In power off mode, the front button of the flashlight will be automatically locked after one minute. To unlock, quickly press the front switch 3 times until the flashlight slowly flashes twice to indicate unlocking, or turn on the flashlight using the trailing switch for seconds, thus unlocking the front switch.
Front Switch Lock: In power off mode, quickly press the front switch 3 times to lock it. The flashlight slowly flashes twice to indicate that the lock has been entered. After locking the front switch, the front status indicator will remain dimly lit for 1 minute to help locate the flashlight in the dark.

The bright beam of the Brinyte PT16 has a nice color that is not too cold and a well-focused spot with an excellent shot; the value of 115000cd (670 meters) found by me in the brightest level (Turbo), in the test with the Luxmeter LX1330B, is higher than that declared by the company. In the center the spot is white while the crown that surrounds it tends towards yellowish up to the edges of the spill with a tint that turns slightly to violet. I didn't notice any PWM at all levels.
The start of the spill from the feet is over one metre.



From the tests carried out with the OPPLE Light Master Pro, two meters away from the sensor, the value of the CCT color temperature and the Ra color rendering varies, as we have already seen, depending on the selected light level. Taking an average, excluding the turbo level, I get a CCT color temperature of around 6000 and a Ra of around 65.
At the highest brightness, in TURBO, (2000 lumens) the measured CCT value is 6409 while the Ra is 68.9 - The calculated Duv has a value of 0.0060.


With a thermal imager I detected how the heat is distributed on the PT16 in Turbo mode at 2000 lumens after 2min, 4min and 10min after switching on. Excellent heat distribution throughout the body.

The runtimes performed with the Brinyte PT16 at Turbo (2000 lumens), High (820 lumens) and MID (130 lumens) levels were done in a closed environment with a temperature of approximately 18°C. The battery used is the one found in the package, a fully charged 5000mAh Lithium 21700 Brinyte. At the end of the test the battery measured approximately 2.9V.

I would like to underline that the values expressed by the graphs must be taken as a reference especially because they were created with means and environmental conditions different from those used by the parent company in the laboratory.

In Turbo
there is a first drop after one minute and thirty seconds followed by another more significant one after four minutes which brings the brightness to about a quarter of the initial one. Approximately three hours after switching on the battery is running low.
In the High level there is, at the start, a constant trend until after sixteen minutes where there is an initial decrease in brightness followed by a more significant decrease almost two hours and thirty minutes after switching on.
In the Medium level of 180 lumens, when turned on, there is a constant trend up to approximately fourteen hours before the battery starts to run out.
Note In all three levels, when the battery is almost exhausted, the Brinyte PT16 drops to the lowest brightness (Low of 10 lumens) for a few hours before turning off.

The first 20 minutes


Brinyte PT16 Unboxing and Use


Brinyte PT16
is a powerful and versatile tactical flashlight thanks to the three switches it has. It is certainly one of the best tactical flashlights I have tried in recent years. The management of the available levels is excellent and the construction is excellent and seems impeccable. My package with the Outdoor kit is complete with everything needed to use the PT16 safely straight away as it is equipped with a "premium" holster, a clip and the BR Tactical Ring.
As aspects that can be improved, I would point out that the battery charging is perhaps a little slow and the lack of a 1 lumen Ultralow level.
TOP product.
Thanks for reading the review.
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