Brinyte PT16 Tactical flashlight review


Newly Enlightened
Aug 25, 2015
Brinyte PT16 is my new favorite flashlight.
2000 Lumens in a medium sized flashlight!

This flashlight has both front switch and a set of tail switches. Use either or both.

4 brightness levels:
Low, middle, High & Turbo, (Runtime)
Low: 10 Lumens (16800 minutes/ 11.6 days),
Middle: 130 Lumens (1200 minutes / 20 hours),
High: 820 Lumens (200 minutes /3.3 hours),
Turbo: 2000 Lumens (130 minutes /2.1 hours),
Strobe: 1600 Lumens
SOS: 300 Lumens

Strobe & SOS only when you want it. I love that this light doesn't go through strobe mode every time you want to cycle through the brightness levels. When you do want strobe mode, it is very quickly available, without making you suffer through it every cycle.

SOS mode; get into strobe mode, then double tap the front brightness level button. Instructions don't say how long it can run in SOS mode, but I'd guess more than 11.6 days. SOS mode is at 300 lumens.

Battery; this comes with a 5000mAh #21700 Lithium ion battery with protection circuit in the anode. Very powerful and safe. Amazing battery life.

Battery Runtime: Advertised runtime is 16,800 minutes on low (10 lumens). Do the math and that is a runtime of 11.6 days. More than a week of continuous light.

Battery meter is built in to the center of the side switch.
Green = 70%-100%,
Orange = 30%-70%,
Red = 10%-30%
Flashing Red = less than 10%

Battery can be charged while in the flashlight! There is a USB-C port on the side of the light. Any USB-C cable will do. Plug into whatever USB power source you already have. You do not need a special charger, and you do not need to remove the battery from the flashlight to charge it. So easy! Love that. I will be running a USB-C cable in the truck so the light can be charging while mounted in a holder.

Fit & Finish is excellent. No sharp edges, no burrs. Very professional. All parts fit snugly together. Even the internal machined screw threads are beautifully done. I'm impressed. The quality difference between this and a cheap light is like night and day. This flashlight feels good in the hand, better than most. The tactical crown around the lens is not sharp & will not cut holes in your pockets. I consider that a plus. The tactical ring between the clip & the tail switch gives a solid grip in the hand and can be rotated to your favorite angle. A very positive grip, even if striking. Clip is removable if you want.

Glass lens with optical coating. I didn't notice any mention of this in the instructions, but the lens has a robust heavy feel to it, and there is a purple colored reflection when the light is off & you get just the right angle.

Operations: There are 2 tail switches (Round & Oval) plus a side switch.

A light press on large round tail switch is momentary on, and it comes on very bright. A full press is on & stay on. There is a definite mechanical click when you fully press, so there is no doubt.

When the light is on, press the oval tail switch or side switch to cycle through the 4 brightness levels.

When the light is on: a long-press of the oval tail switch gets into strobe mode. Any press of oval stops strobe.

When the light is off; Press the oval tail switch to get immediate momentary 1600 lumen defensive strobe. Any press will do, long or short, light or full. Release button to power off.

Side switch goes into lockout mode after 1 minute of non use. Tap the side switch 3 times to unlock/lock the side switch. Then a long press of the side switch will always start in lowest mode. A short tap of the side switch is supposed to power on at the previous level. I had some uncertainty with that particular feature.

I often like to power on in lowest mode, so a long press of the side switch is something I will use a lot. Long press of side switch again to power off.

To get into low mode using the tail switch: full press the round tail switch then tap the oval button. This will power on in turbo mode then quickly drop into low mode. A rocking motion of your thumb will do both presses and with practice could become second nature.

This is a great flashlight in this price category & I really like it. My favorite features include;
USB-C charging.
Battery life.
Mode cycle pattern avoids strobe & SOS unless you really want them.
Two tail switches so you can completely operate with a thumb.
Quick access to strobe if you need it.
Fit & Finish are excellent.