Buying the groovy Flashlights in the UK

Aussie Daniel

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Jan 4, 2002
Scorpion, Surefire, Brinkman etc only seem to be available with ultra expensive postage via US mail order for people living in the UK.

Are any of these or other really groovy flashlight/torches available from a UK based mail order company that I haven't been able to find ?

Or is there a US based company that doesn't charge ridiculous shipping ?

Chris M.

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Jan 17, 2001
South Wales, UK
Welcome aboard, sir!

Being located in Welsh Wales, I know how you feel about overseas shipping costs.
I`ve bought my lights from a few places- Ebay is often good as you`ll find sellers who ship overseas by US postal air (cheapest) at cost, and there are some bargains on there too. But, avaliability and prices are uncertain at best- it being an auction site and all.

There are one or two places in the UK who sell Surefire, etc, but they`re so darned expensive that it outweighs the savings you make on postage! You don`t want to know how much I paid for my E2 from Heinnies in Cardiff

One good online place is Toolshop from Germany. ASP, Streamlight, Surefire, ahem,Maglitecough, splutter. Their prices aren`t the cheapest but what you see is what you pay. No customs fees, no postage. Delivery times are usually good too, and a colour-coding system they use will tell you how long you`ve got to wait before it gets sent (varies from immediately to 2 weeks).

For the absolute lowest prices, buy from the States. Trouble is, you are then liable for Customs fees which means writing out a cheque when the postman brings your parcel- and it can be quite a lot. Customs can be hit and miss, sometimes you`ll get away with it but otherwise- especially for high value purchases, watch out!
I`ve heard nothing but praise for Texas Tactical Supply. Apparently they will send stuff overseas by US airmail, not by some ridiculously expensive way that wants £50 to send one torch to you. Prices are good too.
Another reccomended supplier is Tim Flanagan, he`s not got a web site but is a member here and a lot of regulars buy from him so they can give the contact details. Apparently he can get all sorts of things, even some hard to find stuff- just ask! Myself, I`ve not bought from those two, but they do come highly reccomended.
Department Services, I have bought from- under the guise of John "Jrac1" on Ebay. Good service and affordable shipping costs. They have a fairly wide range of the more high-end torches.

To sum up, shop around if you`re after something specific as there are some good deals out there. And don`t buy from UK suppliers cos they`re just too expensive.



Aug 29, 2000
Kettering, England
Some of the Diving and Camping specialist shops have Princeton Tec and Underwater Kinetics. There are Dealers (or retailers as we say) in the UK for many flashlights. I usually buy from Tim after wasting my time researching for UK retailers.

If you don't live in Welsh Wales (or any other Wales for that matter) that isn't a problem. (!)

If you're after some specific stuff, post about it and we'll help you get the best deal.