CH3509 1500 grit VS 180 grit


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Feb 15, 2009
Melbourne - Australia

The following is the opinion of the author based on actual use .

This D2 CH3509 has what I consider to be rubbish for a blade .
With a rather worked over edge taken to 1500 grit polish , it returned a massively low score off 40 slices ( Thats about 10% of what D2 should or could do )

So I decided to get back to basics and my beloved 180 grit diamond cut edge .

Yeah , I pretty much doubled the edge holding .

Butt , and it's a huge but ! :shakehead

My $16 Ozzi banana shipped to my door from Poland Herbertz 420SS did 140 on that same edge . ( 180 grit diamond cut )
Now , I consider that Herbertz to be value for money @ $16 bananas .
I consider the CH3509 to be a RIP in my wallet .. :wave:

I have purchased way to many CHINESE BRAND knives equipped with garbage steel for blades recently .. Just too many .
Why buy a $$ knife when it may perform worse than a cheap knife ?
I have said it else where , buying a knife is like buying a lottery ticket , you might win , butt ( That but again ) :sssh:. You may lose as well .