Edge Lore - Bling Bling VS Grit


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Feb 15, 2009
Melbourne - Australia
A) I have started a new rope - it looks to be twice as hard to cut / slice which throws comparison out the window ( previous results )
B) I have been chasing edge retention for quite a few years now & looks like it is paying off
C) Bling Bling = I started of 2023 by making this knife / edge Bling and keeping it bling so it would be bling bling !
D) Edge angle was the same , the only difference was Grit .

Bling bling did a 250 roller .. Edge rolled !
My thoughts on that are ..... Such a fine edge is very razor blade like and as such tends to roll ( fine edge ) . Some blame a remaining micro bevel ? But I don't know about that . I just think a bling / fine edge is just more fragile for heavy work .

Grit - Yeah , been chasing edge retention for many years now and it looks to be paying .. ( Live N learn & all that ) If you don't chase it , you won't catch it !
Anyways this 320 grit Diamond edge is working for me ( hard ) .
Yeah , grit kicks bling to the curb and stomps on it ! I stopped @ 650 slices cos my arthritic hands were killing me .. The edge could have done more ..
How much more ? ( I gave up ) Thing is , Grit slaughtered Bling ! ( to put it bluntly )