Charging current matching on xtar chargers

XTAR Light

Apr 26, 2010
A customer used the sc1 plus to charge his 21700 battery. He tried to test the charging current on the charger, and observed different charging currents. Actually, the charger won't keep max 3A charging all the time. To charge the Li-ion battery fully and safely, there are three-stage charging processes (TC-CC-CV) on xtar sc1 plus charger.

* Trickle Charge (battery voltage: 2V-2.9V): charging begins with a trickle charge when the battery voltage is between 2.9V. Trickle charge operates at a current range of 150mA to 250mA.

* Constant Current (battery voltage: 3V-4.1V): as the battery voltage rises to the range of 3V to 4.1V, it enters into constant current fast charging. The max constant current can reach 2950mA±150mA on sc1 plus.

* Constant Voltage (battery voltage: 4.1V-4.2V): In this stage, the battery will get fully charged soon. The charging current gradually decreases until it reaches a cutoff current of ≤160mA, indicating a fully charged battery.

And xtar smart chargers adopt an intelligent charging system. The charging current is optimized based on some factors, such as input adapter power, battery type, number of batteries being charged, and batteries' internal resistance... So, to ensure the efficient and safe charge, it's suggested to use the suitable adapter, clean the contacts of the batteries and charger, keep good contacts of them.