Chris and Ted


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Sep 28, 2000
After the upgrade I was unable to log on. Here "might" be a solution if you can read this. If you don`t know your password and cannot get a response from the "find password' option and are unable to contact David try this if you can.

If you have Norton select clean sweep...go to internet cookies...scroll down till you find the candlepower forums cookie and click on it {highlight it} then click "show" {over on the right easy to find). This will bring up some stuff...scroll down a bit while reading the stuff at some point you will find your username and password (same line)`s not hard to find, even I did it. Right your password down...and come back here and enter it.

If you don`t have Norton you should still be able to do this using windows but I`m not sure how...find the cookie somehow...highlight it and select, open or veiw. The info is there.

Edit...I have been trying to do this through windows but am having no luck...I can bring up the cookies but am unable to get the info displayed.