COB LED project help


Newly Enlightened
Jun 25, 2023
i am looking for some help with this project i am working on. I am using the boost module in the link below to drive the COB led in the link below. I am driving the booster from a 12 volt battery.

1. I am able to adjust the constant amperage coming out of the boost module just fine. But when i set the voltage to 34 Volts. Then hookup the led the voltage drops. I've turned the voltage all the way up to 46 volts out of the booster but still when I hook up the led it goes down to 29 volts. The light seems to be working just fine. Do I keep turning up the booster till it gets to a constant 34 volts? Or do I just set the no load voltage to 34 and then hookup the led and go with that?

2. Trying to figure out how many leds I could drive with this booster. From what I've read I want to wire them in serial. But I just can't figure out how many LEDs it could handle. Thoughts ?

Sorry if I am asking stupid questions. I'm sort of new to this and although I am making progress and the light is working I have not run it for long periods until I know that I have things setup properly

any help is appreciated.