Daylight incandescent torch?



I've seen various daylight simulating bulbs including those with neodymium or blue-tinted glass.

Does such a thing exist in the flashlight world?


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Jun 24, 2001
New Mexico, USA
I don't think any of the big manufacturers are using them, although they may be using them in some of the moderately expensive bicycle headlamps (for those that can't afford $350++ for an HID).

I think that there are a couple of people here on CPF besides myself that are working on making a portable light using these bulbs. They are nice, but heat is a MAJOR problem. You could cook a steak on them after a few minutes.

I've heard vague rumors about a neodymium doped flashlight bulb under development somewhere, but nothing firm. The only ones that I know of for sure are the Solux MR16 based units, and some really expensive "medical" and photographic types of bulbs.


Why is heat such a problem? I always thought that efficiency would be the largest problem. What bulb are you using or are using filters?

Solux MR16 units would be pretty cool but you've got to have one hell of a battery to power it! The Solux bulbs are rated at 50 watts if I remember correctly.