DIY Dirtbike LED Headlamp Mod (2007 WR250F)


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Apr 5, 2017
Hey Guys,

I purchased my Yamaha WR250f about 7 years ago. I have always hated the stock halogen light. It doesn't put out any light and is super dangerous to ride at night. I wanted to solve that problem and I recently decided to design and build a custom LED headlight for my bike.

It took me awhile to do research but I finally got everything installed and working. I purchased the LED Aux light from I ended up having to convert my AC stator output over to DC current with a bridge rectifier, and I built the mounting bracket using 1/8th inch steel.

I created a YouTube video going over the build and performance of the light. I wanted to post this so others could get ideas for a similar build.

Let me know if anyone has any questions. I'd be happy to give guidance if someone is wanting to do this on their bike.

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Alaric Darconville

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Sep 2, 2001
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First off, :welcome: !

I realize the vehicle in question is a dirt bike and shouldn't be on roads, but some people treat them like dual-sport bikes. Unfortunately, making a headlamp suitable for the terrain and speeds associated with motocross in one's own workshop is much more difficult than just assembly some parts and making something that seems like it should work. It looks like you put some effort and planning into it, but vehicular forward lighting is a complex subject.

There may be some off-the-shelf lamps (such as from JW Speaker or Truck-Lite) that may work better for you than what you've selected, although getting them mounted could be tricky.
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