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For Sale - Flashlight Parts E2C adapters and LeeF flashlight bodies


Flashlight Enthusiast
Apr 8, 2009
Tucson, AZ USA
Vital Gear E2C flashlight head to body adapters. Black, HAIII anodized 6061 aluminum. Brand new. Yours will be in the retail packaging. Will work on any "E body" flashlight. Converts "E" series threads to "C" series threads. Allows for use of a P60/D26 LED drop-in on an E body flashlight. Just add the head bezel (Surefire part # Z44) from any Surefire P/G/C/Z Series flashlight, and you're good to go! Better because they use X rings which have two sealing edges. See pics.
Function: Attaches an E body to a C bezel or head. i.e.: Attaches a Surefire E1E, E2L, E1B and similar body to a Surefire Z44 bezel, or any head that fits on a Surefire 6P body. If you have ANY questions, please ask. Free USA shipping, Worldwide shipping at actual cost. Thanks for considering this quality product. $13ea. Shipped USA, PayPal, Zelle

Made by Leef Flashlights TX USA: Fenix P1D Tactical Flashlight bodies. Installed McClicky switches. $10 ea. Shipped USA, PayPal, Zelle.

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