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Sold/Expired Surefire M6 - complete rechargeable kit (flashlight, adapters, bulbs)


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May 29, 2006
International shipping (from EU).

Selling my almost unused Surefire M6 with accessories that allow you have free (and higher than original) lumens. The Philips 7388 bulb has nice very bright output with a lot of throw - very impressive and fun to use. Not sure about lumens, probably 800+? You only need to add your own 18650 batteries (see recommended brand/type below).

This is sold as a complete package, not individual parts.
  • Surefire M6 - great 99% condition, few tiny specks of anodization missing, includes original 6xCR123A adapter, lanyard and lanyard ring
  • Adapter for 2x 18650 button-top rechargeable batteries
  • original SF MN21 bulb (unknown bulb life - probably still lot left, 500+ lumens, 20 minutes runtime on primaries. DO NOT use with rechargeable batteries).
  • Tad Customs G4 bi-pin adapter (fits all the well known WA1111, WA1184, Philips 7387, 7388, ...)
  • Tad Customs Halogen bi-pin adapter (fits Tad's MN7225 bulbs, 7.2V 2.5A, 400+ lumens)
  • 10x Philips 7388 20W bulbs (fits G4 bi-pin)
  • 7x Philips 7387 10W bulbs
  • 2x WA1164 bulbs
  • 4x WA1111 bulbs

My recommended setup:
2x18650 adapter + 2x Vapcell 3000 mAh high-discharge batteries (15A) + G4 bi-pin adapter + Philips 7388 bulb.
I think the 7388 draws about 3.3A, so you will maybe get 40+ minutes on 2x18650 and pretty crazy brightness (not sure, but I would say 800-900+ lumens, definitely more than the original high-output MN21 bulb).
You can swap the 7388 for a lower output 7387 - it's still bright, but draws a lot less (I am not sure about runtime, maybe 1.5+ hours?).

Bulb life note: The Philips and WA bulbs are driven harder than original spec and will probably only have a life expectancy of 10+ hours. But I am including almost a life-time supply of Philips 7388 and 7387 :), and these are still sold online for cheap.

Not included:
18650 batteries. I am not including them to avoid issues with airmail regulations (maybe I can send them if you are within EU). You need high discharge quality batteries, I recommend Vapcell 3000 mAh (link). The 20W 7388 will only work with high-discharge batteries (it may work with standard, but you have to press the button several times). The 10W 7387 will work with regular 18650. Only button-top batteries fit the adapter.

Item will be shipped from Slovakia (EU). I can ship this anywhere to planet Earth :). Please check any customs/import fees if you are outside of EU.

Either bank transfer within EU or PayPal.

350 Euro (~$335) + shipping to your country (I estimate 20-25 Euro, insured airmail).


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