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EagTac / Customer Service is ignoring my warranty request / Anyone else?

Oct 26, 2009
Columbus, Ohio
Hi folks... I've sent messages to EagTac Customer Service twice in the past six weeks asking for warranty service on a light that is less than one year old. (The company advertises a ten-year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials, so my claim is well within the light's warranty period.) The messages, sent September 10, 2018, and again on October 16, 2018, have gone unanswered as of October 25th. Both time I used the "contact us" form appearing on the EagTac website.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of delay in dealing with EagTac? If the community is of the opinion that disregard of the customer is a hallmark of this manufacturer, I'll need to reconsider buying any more lights from them, regardless of whatever flash, dazzle, or cutting-edge emitter their products might have.

But to return to the point of this message: does anyone have any suggestions for getting this company to respond?

All constructive replies are welcome. I look forward to receiving the community's guidance.

UPDATE / NOVEMBER 2018: I submitted my third request for warranty service today (11/07/2018), via the SUPPORT tab on the EagTac website. (This is also the way I submitted my first two requests for warranty service, so I'm not overly optimistic about the chance of a meaningful reply from this manufacturer to my third request.)

I prefer reliable products, and timely replies to requests for service. If you're considering EagleTac products for your next purchase, you might want to factor in this company's apparent lack of concern with post-sale service, and apparent indifference toward honoring its advertised warranty. There are lots of other options out there from companies that stand by their products.

I'll keep this thread updated every few weeks, as a running narrative reporting on my experience seeking warranty service. Stay tuned...
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Newly Enlightened
Feb 25, 2010
Did you fill out the Support form on their Support page? That would seem to be the best alternative. The link to Support is in the upper right corner of the main page.



Jul 27, 2005
Hi Dave
sorry for delay ~ just now saw this message... and to clarify, I am not EagTac but, will certainly help you.

as FYI, the selling Dealer is the primary responsible person to help with questions and issues, and should be first go to for support.
(also ET support has gone through some staffing changes which may be causing some issues)

please send me the particulars / copy/ies of your message you sent to ET via PM
(or via [email protected])...
and we will get it resolved it for you.



Flashlight Enthusiast
Feb 26, 2007
I have also not heard back from the web page support request. I will try the email lebox97 posted.