Fenix 26650_chargins issues with SkyRC MC3000


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Nov 14, 2020
Hi to everybody!

I'm Pietro from Italy, I hope I'm writing in the correct section and I hope the same question was not already asked from other users.
In case I'm wrong I hope somebody will correct me and give me suggestions.

Straight to the point:

I purchased and Indigo Light and after problems with the charger supplied by the company ( a weird charger made in China not easy to find in Europe) working with 2700 Li-Ion batteries, I decided to replace it with a SkyRCMC3000 and with Fenix 26650 Li-ion batteries ( 3,7V, 4800 mAh).

I tried to insert these Fenix batteries which costed 15€ each into the Indigo Light bike torch, and it didn't even switch on.
I supposed the batteries to be totally out of charge ( even though it's weird if they're new batteries).

Then I inserted these two Fenix 26650 batteries into the SkyRC charger, and the weird thing is that the charger doesn't sense the presence of any battery in any of the 4 slots it's provided with.

The original 2700 batteries inserted into the SkyRC charger don't work, and SkyRC itself reveals some issues considering this alarm appears : "connection brake".

I can't understand if maybe these Fenix batteries I purchased are fake or whatever.
I'm not an expert of batteries, I never used a "professional" rechargeable batteries charger like SkyRC, therefore I would really appreciate if some of you could help with this issue!

Thanks in advance to everybody!
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